Thursday, April 15, 2010

lamb chop

I was seriously thinking of having Chicken Chop (from the western food corner) for lunch but was somewhat drawn to this Indian stall.

As I stared at the menu board, wondering what to order and it somewhat dawn upon me that the lamb chop is the closest thing to a western meal anyway.

lamb chop - Indian style

This plate here took quite some time to arrive. Seeing how meticulously the tomato & cucumber slices had been arranged, my colleague jokingly remarked tat she figured out why it had taken that long.

Other than that, this plate's nothing special anyway. The pieces if mutton tasted too gamey and were more fatty than I preferred. The sauce was suspiciously tinted a tad too reddish and was pretty salty.

Those fries were the typical shoestring type. Maybe they ordered from the same source as the neighbouring western food stall. The real deal would have been those homemade potato cuts/wedges made from the actual spud and slightly salted before being fried.

The saving grace were the fresh slices of tomato and the pretty runny sunny-side-up egg. As I've mentioned before, I like my egg to be somewhat half-done and this was just nice. I love to break the yolk into the remaining sauce towards the end and try to lap it up as decently as I could. Yum!

Oh another thing. Where's the peas? A decent Indian food stall would have rows of canned peas on display and use them peas in almost every dish!

Man, I sure miss the real deal from Haig Road or Ayer Rajah Food Centre...

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