Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chicken Champ

**First & foremost, pls be informed that this is merely my personal opinion and NOT some (official) review whatsoever. Read on with a pinch of salt, if you may.**

My mum had asked that we try out the 'fried chicken place' by the Nuradee brothers. She read an article about it in the papers.

Fried chicken? Of all things, why fried chicken? Instantly, Arnold's came to mind.

Chicken Champ

I hurriedly checked the web for any details pertaining to its location - and only came up with the online version of the newspaper article that published their story.

In my hurry to find the place (I was looking for the signboard), my parents, who were behind me actually found it instead. I don't see any signs. My bro told me that I overlooked the 'mascots' standing in front.

Namely the bosses themselves, the Nuradee brothers.

Live performance

When our food first arrived, the brothers seemed to be gearing up for a performance.

True enough, one of them started strumming and they soon belt out one top-40 hits after another. In both English & Malay.

I found a relative there with his SEVEN kids, son-in-law and grandchild; celebrating his wife's birthday. The brothers, upon knowing that; broke into a birthday song- sung in all 4 languages.

They also sang their own heart-rending song, in conjunction with Mother's Day (a week late, but nvm).

Their harmonious voices (which admittedly, I'm a big fan of) really whet our appetite as they perform right there. I was kinda 'paiseh' when eating because the mini-stage where they performed was right beside our table.

..Not to mention how I have to 'thicken my skin' to take these food photos.

The menu

As I browsed thru the menu, I can't help remarking to my bro, "Reminds me of Arnold's." Really! 80% of the menu seemed similar!

Well, I heard their current operations manager used to work for Arnold's...

The Trio set

Yes it's meant for 3pax. 5pcs chicken, coleslaw, mashed potato, fries and an 11" submarine (sandwich). All for ard $30++.

The veggies in the coleslaw are in much bigger chunks than those in KFC & Arnold's, thankfully. And more creamy.

But the mashed potato are also like that from Arnold's - hopeless!

When these arrived, my bro whispered back to me, "Eh, exactly like Arnold's.."

One just can't help comparing!

THE fried chicken

Drats. I forgot to request for NO drumsticks. My mum was quick to reach for the wing. My bro and I had to settle for those darn legs.

The flour could be more spiced and crispy. I find the taste here to be more comparable to those from Tenderbest or Do & Mi, albeit being less greasy.

Nonetheless, Arnold's still rock my boat.

Battered onion rings

I sure prefer my onion rings done this way, compared to those breadcrumbed variety (for my bro, this apply for fish & chips as well).

Needless to say, we enjoyed them.

French fries

The thick-cut shoestring type. The way I like them. Doesn't seem salted when it arrived at our table. Not that I mind anyway.

Loaded potato skins

I can't recall the name for these here. 'Potato Munchies'? Or something along that line.

Potatoes with most of their 'meat' scraped off, then dipped in batter before being fried. It's then loaded with our chosen fillings (varieties available are similar to those of the submarines). We chose Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Dengdeng & Tuna. They're then topped with squiggles of nacho cheese & mayo. Comes in sets of 3's or 6's.

We agreed that these are the best so far.
They also serve rice with their chicken and there's also bolognese and seafood spaghetti. Not to mention spring chicken.

There's ice-cream for desserts. Also ice-kachang & chendol (but that time the ice-machine hadn't arrive yet).

At the end of it all, my family was pretty reluctant to leave because we totally enjoyed the brothers' performance (still ongoing when we left). But we gotta make way for other customers since the venue was pretty small and it was almost dinner time.

Imho, if you want good fried chicken (but equally less-than-appealing sides), go for Arnold's. Their fried chicken got oomph! But if you want fried chicken accompanied with good service and great live music; by all means, come to Chicken Champ.

Do check first, to see if the bosses are gonna sing that day.


Winda said...

i had their chicken the other day! when i first ate it, the chicken tasted pretty good, but then i realised it was quite bacin ah! then when i got to the meat inside, it was all pink! so, i dont think i'm going back there. but i liked the live music though. :D

CT said...

Yeah mine was done similarly. Freaky isn't it. Got steaks, medium would have been fine but it's a no-no for chicken.

My dad wanna come back bec of e music so I decide to juz get their subs or spaghetti instd.

And it's still Arnold's for me!

Anonymous said...

Do they sell any fish menu? like fish and chips there?

CT said...

Yep, they do. They also have spaghetti (beef bolognaise etc)... They do try to create varieties, not just chicken.

Anonymous said...

sori to say...the spring chicken very salty.

CT said...

Honestly, the chicken is pretty much so-so only... I didn't try the spring chix.

Anonymous said...

tell u tis my hubby is ex staff from arnold & chicken champ..when i ask him which is better..Arnold of coz..