Tuesday, July 06, 2010

J's Wok & Grill catering pt. 1

~ Nyayi's 69th Birthday celebration

Hubby's aunt announced that there'll be a family gathering cum dinner to celebrate his grandma's birthday.

When I was told that it'll be held at J's Wok & Grill, I was apprehensive. From what I know, they serve mainly Western fare. How are they gonna serve ala carte mains to such a large group of people? And the premise is a tad small for our group.

I later found out that the unit on the upper floor is specially meant to cater for events/receptions with a max. capacity of 60 pax. And we'll be served with a buffet of Asian fare instead.

Ahhh... sohhhh....

**The incandescent lighting in there was pretty dim so most pics didn't turn out quite as nicely**

The buffet corner (food spread)

There's a soup, 6 different dishes, 2 types of rice, noodles and others.

The buffet corner (inc. beverages section)

And yes, there's karaoke provided as well, with 2 flat screen tv sets on 2 ends of the room; so that one can sing, no matter which part of the room one is seated at.

And now for the food...

There're way too many pictures so I'll split this post up into 2 parts. Appetisers-Desserts & Mains.

Appetisers - Vegetable Springrolls & Fish Fingers

The veggie filling in the springroll was more of the curried version instead of the lighter-tasting Chinese style.

For the fish fingers, they use dory fish fillets that's coated with breadcrumb and deep-fried. A hit with both the kids and adults alike.

They actually top both these items up when they almost ran out midway through the party. And they came piping hot!

Chef's Salad

My personal highlight for the night. Generous amounts of romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, capsicums, tomato, boiled eggs, chicken meatloaf & chicken ham. Topped with Caesar & Thousand Island dressing plus a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.

If only there's croutons, then it would've been purr-fect!

While everyone rushed for the mains as they start their meal, I gunned straight for this plus the fish fingers on the side. Appetiser, all right.

Ulam2x Kampung

aka Kampung Salad. This is to be eaten with the fiery sambal belacan (fresh chili grounded w/ toasted shrimp paste) that's provided on the side.

Mango Pudding

Kinda lacked the mango flavour but works well as a palate cleanser.

Tropical Fruit Platter

Honeydew, papaya, watermelon, grapes, maraschino cherries and some canned longans.

Cheng Tng

Not too sweet, maybe due to the abundant amount of ice. Generous amount of dried longan & white fungus inside.

And there were 2 kinds of flavoured drinks - lime & blueberry. There's also ice water, tea and coffee.

Will update on the main foods in the next entry!

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