Sunday, June 13, 2010

adam road nasi lemak

selera rasa nasi lemak

Late Saturday afternoon and badly affected by many harrowing traffic conditions that day, I thought of having some nice comfort food to ease my stress.

And the nasi lemak from Adam Road FC came to mind. The fluffy basmati rice, the sweet sambal and ESPECIALLY the piping hot, crispy chicken wing. Mmmm...!

Came at around 3+pm and was glad to see that I've beaten the crowd. There's still a queue at the stall but not as long as always. Got the 'Full House' set since I don't fancy inconveniencing myself when I order the 'selar kuning' fish anyway.

Only when I put my plate down on my table did I realise how dismal the food had looked. And then it dawn on me that I have gotten for myself the remnants from the lunch-hour batch!

Oh woe is me! They could have given more sambal than just that small dollop, right? The rice was still fluffy albeit no longer warm. I know the eggs are usually cooked upfront but they were a tad cold. The otah isn't prepared there so it's excused.

dismal chicken wings

But the chicken wings! Cold and soggy! How can like that! Boo hoo!

I travel all the way there for their chicken wing!

No wonder there's nary a crowd!

Lesson learnt. Go during the peak period. Even if it means that I've to wait for a parking space. Even if I have to stand around to wait for an available table. Even if it means that I've to be part of a looong queue.

Just so that I can get my piping hot & crispy chicken wing!

Or I can try to seek out that Sheikh Najib stall at Rowell Road. Their chicken wings look no less crispy!


Camemberu said...

I've been wanting to blog this one, but never got around to it. Now I know must go early.

Oh the Sheikh Najib chicken wings are not exactly crispy but more like crunchy. Keras sikit lah the batter. I think overall, the Adam Road nasi lemak might still be better.

CT said...

Hi Camemberu!
Your mention of the chicken texture at Sheikh Najib's remind me of pisang goreng, somehow. But I dun mind trying them out for variety's sake.
And if everything from Selera Rasa @ Adam Rd FC comes piping hot, they're undisputable!