Monday, June 21, 2010

Hana Korean Cuisine

@ Banquet Parkway Parade

I'm hoping and REALLY hoping that my search for cheap, good & Halal Korean food has come to an end.

This new stall here seems promising enough.

I was jubilant to see Spicy Octopus on their menu even though I was more than prepared to see them serving me squids instead of the octopus itself, seeing that it may be pretty costly to serve the actual octopus with their hawker prices.

Spicy Octopus with Fried Chicken set - $6.30

I was indeed surprised to see that they used baby octopus (also known as 'idako' in Japanese) for the spicy stir-fry. And thankfully, these morsels of mini octopus meat aren't tough. And from the taste, it's easy to tell that they used the actual Korean chili. Either the 'gochujang'(hot pepper paste) or the 'gochutgaru' (chili powder). Definitely not your typical 'sambal' taste.

I let my mum have a taste (the big 'Hallyu' fan that she is) and she's pretty impressed.

I was disappointed that they didn't serve kimchi soup. That clear, whitish soup there is just vegetable-egg soup.

Their fried chicken cutlet was a little thin but definitely crispy. Drizzled with some lightly-sweetened mayonnaise, it tasted fabulous when dipped in the spicy sauce from the octopus.

Now, just what is so Korean about the coleslaw? I would rather they fill that space with some kimchi, even a little bit. And maybe another popular 'banchan' (side dish) like the spicy fried anchovies.

I don't see bibimbap on their menu. Anyone have any suggestion for any Halal Korean hawker stalls elsewhere? Otherwise I just have to head down to Breeks for their Asian menu to get my fix. Or maybe Seoul Garden Hotpot (formerly Fresh Bulgogi) at Terminal 2.

Anyone tried the ala carte Korean food offering at Han River? They have bibimbap too, right?


Camemberu said...

Wow I have never seen halal Korean food before. And this is at Parkway Parade? Ha, my neighbourhood mall! I shall go and try.

The non-halal one at the basement gave me tummyache once, so I never dared go back there.

Anonymous said...

Try Square 2's Fork & Spoon's Korean stall...Dolsot Bibimbap's good. Lots of different vegetables. There's banchan & ddeokbokki too. And the soup's seaweed soup. If I'm not wrong, around $8 or so. Oh! They sell kimbap too :)

CT said...

Square 2? way off the mark for me to visit. But the varieties u list out make me wanna head there in this rainy weather. next to novena mrt rite..? Hmm.. No harm trying. That dolsot bibimbap calling out 2 me already..

Anonymous said...

There's a Korean food stall at Causeway Point Banquet. Its under the same company as Han's River. But I don't dare to try...

CT said...

Wah Woodlands? When will I ever get there?

Hopefully one day... I wanna know just how authentic Han River's offering is.