Monday, June 28, 2010

Thaksin Beef Noodles

@ Seah Im Food Centre

Just some stuff from there...

Fetched my bro from his workplace at Bukit Merah on Sunday afternoon. Everyone was questioning, "Where to, next?"

Mum complained that she was ravenous.

I was a little broke since it was the lull period before THAT time of the month (payday!!) so I was thinking of the various hawker centres (yes, cheap & good!) within the area. That's when I recall that Harbourfront is merely a 10mins drive away from Bukit Merah. Seah Im Food Centre is adjacent to the bus interchange.

Thaksin Beef Noodles

Hate to admit this, but since I discovered this stall, I have not been patronising any other stall whenever I'm here. Even though I'm very much tempted to try the popular chicken rice from the neighbouring Aspirasi stall.

Before they have any other branches elsewhere, I willingly come all the way here just to satiate my cravings. And back then, I love my food really hot and spicy so I had no qualms about dumping some of the available chili powder (highly suspected to be bird's-eye chili) into my soup and even dipping the meat into a mixture of the same chili powder with the vinegar-minced chili padi condiment.

There used to be a branch in Tampines Central, where the S-11 Foodcourt is. But it has since closed down and the only branch way out in the east are in Changi Airport.

Their variety comes in 4 types - Standard at $3.50, Value at $4, Supreme at $5 and Super at $6. My order has been the same since day 1 - Value with Kway Teow. This portion is just nice for me. At least there's the thick chunks of beef brisket, the tender strips of beef tripe and the soft slices of fresh beef. And the kway teow complement the rich taste of the broth nicely.

I was disappointed to see that my portion seemed measly as compared to what this fella had at the Clementi branch years back. I remember having such healthy portions of everything, previously. From the beef to the veggies. Now I got only a lonely sprig of basil which is NOT enough. My mum complained that she got hardly any kangkong in her bowl. And when I mentioned the fresh beef slices, she went, "What slices?" Poor her.

The proprietor really has got to check that the portion remain consistent throughout all their branches. Different stall hands just do things differently and the preparation of your food are in their hands, after all.

Thaksin Fried Rice

My mum was excited to see that they're now serving Thai fried rice and Phad Thai (fried kway teow) too. And since we're having noodles, my mum insist that I order the fried rice to share. She must be thinking, "How does Thai fried rice taste like?"

When we made our order for the fried rice, this lady got down to work immediately. Meanwhile at the same time, another stall hand was preparing our 3 bowls of beef noodles. Next thing we knew, the fried rice was served together with the 3 bowls of beef noodles. And it's served piping hot. We know because she fried it in full view of us.

As I carried the food back to the table, I can take in the 'wok-hei' scent wafting from the fried rice. The rice was nicely done, I'd say. There's simply the small prawns/shrimps, bean sprouts and chives. The seasoning seem light. My mum suspected the use of the chili powder which kinda give it a nice scent. Is that how Thai fried rice is like?

Kinda remind me of Phai Thai. Just that they use rice instead. Even then, Pad Thai is fried with beancurd cubes and has ground peanut & lime on the side. I don't see that in the picture of the Phai Thai that they display. I guess I'm better off ordering that from Magic Wok instead.

Well, I can't expect much when it cost only $3 anyway.

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