Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A dinner treat by my bro at Eatzi Steakhouse. If I'm not wrong, this is the halal subsidiary of Jack's Place (both under the same company).

Went to the one at Eastpoint Shopping Mall, Simei.

(I hope she won't end up reading this...)
My bro brought along his new (female) friend, who is a fitness instructor! Yeah, I had a steak dinner with a lifeguard and a fitness instructor... How exciting!

Oh well, it's no secret that my bro isn't exactly the healthiest of lifeguards but I'm curious to see how a fitness instructor eats. Heh.

Thankfully, she's no longer on a diet. Well there's was one time that she was; prior to an aerobics competition. I can barely make it to the end of some aerobics class and yet.... Whoa, I don't know how anyone can survive that one. But that was history, she said. Phew.

Come to think of it, she DID refuse the ice-cream... But she admit to loving chocolates. Guess she's human after all. Geez, I should really stop stereo-typing those in the fitness line to be health freaks.

Passion Soda (unstirred)

My bro's order. It's HAS to be something sweet.

soup-of-the-day (comes w/ garlic bread) ~ mushroom soup

Both ladies took up the promotion for 'Great Value Set Dinner', where the main course will come with the soup-of-the-day, dessert and coffee-tea.

Not exactly the 'out-of-can' variety, tastewise. Lots of mixed-mushrooms chunks. But this was a little too creamy. My bro had a taste and remarked, "So thick..?"

"It's called starch," I replied.

fish & chips
(photo taken by the man himself)

I recommend for the bro to simply order the kids' meals, for the varieties were more to his taste, anyway.

He scoffed at the idea.

And yet, he got for himself, the fish & chips and onion rings. Plus, he pushed ALL the veggies to one side.

Healthy, indeed. For me, at least. The 'rabbit' in the family.

Chef's special steak

My order. The best steak on the menu, no less.

"... Tender and juicy fillet, topped w/ asparagus and homemade black mushroom sauce...."

The thing about this place is that the veggies that they serve on the side are seasonal. Everytime I dine here, I was served with different veggies. There had been carrots, peas, cabbage, broccoli and even brinjal!

This time it's sweetcorn kernels (sweet!) and cucumber. It's would have been nicer had they used the Japanese cucumber instead of this typical, conventional ones.

The steak was thick and juicy alright. Although I request for medium-well, I ended up getting a medium. Other days, that would have been fine (medium's the norm for me) but I'm currently conscious of my preggers state.

Doesn't help that my bro was remarking that my steak was a bit 'bloody'. It's more of 'pink' actually but then again, he's a lil' ignorant, so pardon him.

Grilled chicken

This is what the fitness instructor ordered.

They used the thigh meat it seemed, so the chicken does look juicy. The sides appear to be same one as those served with steak. Maybe I can opt for this one the next time, should I not feel too carnivorous (for red meat, I mean).

Yes, she discard the chicken skin but she did eat the potato...

baked potato

What I've been dreaming about, prior to coming here.

I love, love, LOVE baked potato. Especially when prepared simply.

Potato baked with a little butter. They usually serve this on its own and another server with come along with the condiment tray. Before she can even ask, I already said, " I want ALL."

So there. Sour cream, fried beef bacon and spring onions. YUM!

Mango ice-cream - single scoop w/ jelly.

The dessert that's served as part of the Dinner set.

Yes, the fitness instructor pushed hers aside (maybe she's just full). My bro had a taste and widened his eyes. "Taste like REAL mango!"

Oh yeah, it sure does.

I can't figure out what's the flavour of that orange/red-coloured jelly strips but their texture complement the smooth ice-cream pretty well.

A nice end to dinner, that night.

PS: I'm really, really inspired to train for a marathon after giving birth. Maybe I'm aiming too far but I just felt so driven somehow. Wish me lucK!

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