Monday, November 02, 2009

mfm @ central

The initial idea to head to Swensen's was thrown outta' window - seeing that the fussy eaters aren't joining us.

One cousin wanna satisfy her craving and suggested MFM. So I suggested the one at The Central for it's very near to Clarke Quay, where it'll be a more fun place to hang out and people-watch, seeing that it's Friday night and all.

And also at Clarke Quay is this dessert place called Nectarie le'Dessert Patisserie, which I intend to bring my cousins to.

Captain's Quencher & Tropical Breeze

Refreshing mocktails. The kids ordered milkshakes.

Sizzling Louisiana Prawns

Nice! I totally dig the sauce. Wish they had given more baguettes for us to totally relish that sweetish, spiced cream sauce.

Don't u think that the act of pouring the sauce into the hot pan in front of the patrons (to create that loud sizzle- like its name), pretty gimmicky? It not only impress, but made other curious to try it out as well.

I realise that I now eat prawn heads, save for the eye portions and above (where it's sharp!).

Fried Country Mushrooms

And old favorite. Nothing can go wrong with plump button mushrooms deep-fried in spiced batter, aite?

And paired with light sour cream. Yum!

Garlic Butter Mussels

If not for the fact that this sauce is pretty thick and rich, I could have easily had taken a spoon and sip this up like a soup. The sauce is just sooo delish!

I do feel like I could have made this on my own, though.

It's clever marketing to put merely 5 pathetic mussels per serving. Cos' it's not enough to go around and you're just so tempted to order more.


Realised that the starters we've ordered were all the favourites (as marked in the menu).

I can't help comparing this pic with those taken on one of my previous visits.

I just realise that a blog is particularly useful when it comes to comparing the experiences and foods on 1 visit with another. So you can spot any dwindling portions or service...

Seafood Platter for Two

Deep fried fish fillet, calamari, oysters and 'flaming' prawns served with chips and garlic rice. I recall that we've opted for the 'spicier' option which is just some paprika sprinkled in or on the batter.

Have they forgotten to pour on the fish; the lemon-butter sauce..?? I sure don't see it here...

Flavour-wise, I believe MFM's platter has it. But the portion sux, la (unlike the OTHER company).

Honestly speaking, I only like the rice and prawns. The rest ...ehm... disappointing. The size of the fish looked sooo measly (yes, more batter than fish meat; me thinks). The calamari can't be any thinner, eh?


We have a prawn-lover (almost a maniac) with us and I know that she wasn't satisfied with only that 4 prawns for the 6 of us.

Especially when she remarked as to how much she looove that sauce.

ordered a separate portion... (more gimmick)

Yeah we did. This portion had 8 pieces and comes with either rice or chips (fries, duH!)

manhattan flaming prawns

Labeled as 'award-winning'. Whatever.

We do admit that it's nice, though.

The server overdid the blow-torching and some fries got burnt at their ends. Not that I mind, though. I love burnt food! =P

Overall, I have to say that the servings, portions etc pretty much varies with their branches. I'm dreading a visit to the one at White Sands Mall, which is a stone's throw from home...

I sure don't mind more of their prawns!

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