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Thankfully it already stopped raining by the time we stepped out of The Central, post-dinner. For we can proceed to Nectarie le'Dessert Patisserie at The Cannery (Block C, Clarke Quay). I had grand plans for the bunch of us to walk to Clarke Quay and enjoy the sight + people watch.

Thing is, I totally forgot that it was Halloween Eve that night and the celebrations were already in full swing. Seemed like locals and tourists alike; all thronged to the sheltered 'streets' there. Pretty claustrophobic, I'd say. My cousin's kids were so overwhelmed by the exuberant crowd jostling about in the dim, neon lit walkways that they cowered amongst us adults.

Anyway we found the bistro/cafe, finally but they were kinda' packed so we had to settle for the interior seating along their VERY narrow passageway, which was seriously cramped. And they used bar-stools which I'm very much hesitant to get on. Can you imagine a heavily pregnant woman perched on that high stool and trying to remain steady at the same time?

But I'm glad that we were inside when the cakes arrived, for the lighting in there was much better for photo-taking. It was pretty dark outside at the al-fresco dining area.

However, kudos to the staff for having empathy for a pregnant lady who remained standing while savouring the cakes. As soon as a table was vacant, they cleared it quickly and called us to take it over while they brought out our food & beverages.

**oh geez, I misplaced the receipt... But I found the menu list here!

Pics look pretty crappy, despite the spotlighting- interiors.

Dark Chocolate Truffle ($7)

My personal opinion:
All Chocolate Truffle Cakes Are Nice.

Yeah, so far I've never had a chocolate truffle cake where they actually screw up the whole thing.

This slice is such... fruition. What more, it's DARK chocolate. Can't go wrong there, can they?

Strawberry Shortcake ($6)

I can't resist getting this because of all the cakes on display, this one here had looked sooo pwetty!

Even though this one here is as 'normal' as can be.. -_-

You know, just vanilla sponge layered with fruits and whipped cream... And the strawberries I bite into were a tad sour!

Double Chocolate Mudcake ($7)

I just figured out that 'mudcake' and 'mudpies' are 2 different things.

This mudcake here has a texture that's a cross between a brownie and truffle cake. Very dense, yet rich and smooth.

Best shared or you'll see yourself asking for water to neutralise all that richness.

Dark Chocolate Opera ($6)

I've never really like Operas. Not that I mind the hint of coffee flavour but I always feel that the chocolate, coffee and almond flavours hardly ever blend well to complement one another.

But 1 one my cousins, the coffee-lover that she is, had her eyes lit up when she knew that the Opera was a coffee-flavoured cake. While the other 2 cousins totally detest anything coffee so I guess, this will be shared by only the 2 of us.

Nectarie's version of the Opera was... sweet. A tad too sweet for my taste. Never mind that it's dark chocolate. There's not even a hint of bitterness that I had expected from a cake using dark chocolate with coffee. Hmmm....

Macarons (T-B) - Teh tarik, green tea, chocolate, lavender & coffee

These 10 pcs costs only $8++! Cheap, eh? And they're those regular-sized ones!

All the flavours are delectable. My favourite was a surprise, even to myself. It's the Lavender. Yeah, seriously.

The scent/flavour ain't too strong and it ain't too sweet either. The chocolate didn't disappoint, thankfully. The 'Teh Tarik' (tea latte) was something new and it's not bad, actually.

Teas ~ (L-R) Peony Jade ($6.50), Lemon Chamomile ($5.50), Rosebud ($5.50)

Each teacup comes with a side of coffee-flavoured mini macaron.

The hot water infused and mildly scented by these real dried flowers that thankfully, didn't bring on too-heady-a-fragrance to the drink.

I heard the Peony Jade was a pretty popular flavour.

The refill of hot water was a definite plus for their service.

Ice lemon Tea ($5)

These were ordered for the kids and they were pretty taken aback by how 'real' this is.

I mean, they are so used to those pre-manufactured ones straight out of the bottle/cans and here, they got a glass of cold tea with a wedge of lemon and syrup in a separate container.

Sigh, being fancy-schmancy ain't just ain't worth when faced with people who don't know how to appreciate it. heh.

Strudel ~ Alphonso mango w/ lemongrass ($6)

We ordered this after we shifted out to the al-fresco seating outside (thankfully the menu board was visible from where we were).

In fact, from outside I didn't see the word, 'lemongrass' or it would have set the alarm bells ringing. I didn't know that mango & lemongrass can complement each other, even though the taste of the lemongrass ain't that strong.

I wish the strudel could have been a little warm. I remember that the best strudel I had was where the puff pastry had been fresh out of the oven, the apple chunks also warm (straight from the pan?) and paired with cold apple cream sauce and vanilla ice-cream. Yumz!

All in all the cakes were okay. There are other varieties that I might wanna try. Maybe I should come again- with a different group, perhaps (guys, are you reading this??). And preferably, in the day.

The service that day was quite good, despite the crowd. I like.

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