Friday, November 20, 2009

baked potato @ home

baked potato ~ made in 'dewek'

Yeah, yeah I know that this doesn't look THAT appetizing as compared to the one from Eatzi... I already split it down into 2 and took a bite before deciding to make a run for the camera.

It sure look like it could do with more ingredients, eh? This was the one that my mum prepared for me. The one I did, I had heaped everything on so generously- only to have it conveniently taken away by my dad. . .

Many thanks to my bro, for not being able to get over the the baked potato that I savoured at Eatzi on Monday. He didn't even wait till' my parents fly off so that he can have the kitchen to himself.

Wednesday afternoon, he called to tell me that he's down at NTUC supermarket and he needed to know what to buy to make baked potato. Didn't really give me a review as to how it turned out, though. And I was all excited at the prospect of my bro wanting to eating something and preparing it itself...

Yesterday, I came down to my parent's place cos' my mum's been bugging me that another pre-natal massage is due. She asked tat I buy a small box of aluminium foil. In the kitchen, she took out 6 of the US Russet potatoes that my bro had bought the day before. WHoa!

We got down to cleaning, then oiling them. Then a sprinkle of sea salt (my mum's hooked on that) and pepper, before giving them a shallow cut at the centre and wrap in foil. Then pop them into the oven - 180 deg C for 1 hour.

My bro wasn't able to find any halal beef bacon or salami so I suggested the garlic chicken franks by NTUC (my fave!), which he can dice finely and fry till crisp. As I was about to cut up the remaining chicken franks, my mum recalled that there's a packet of beef salami stashed deep in the freezer.

Defrosted that and chopped them finely, along with several stalks of scallions and garlic. Then I fried the meat till crisp in olive oil with the garlic and some chilli flakes for more oomph!

Before an hour was up, our stomachs were really rumbling and my mum impatiently took out 1 one of the spuds. She pressed them open. They were cooked through! Whoo!

Heaped on some (light) sour cream, the fried salami and scallions.... Yes, that's all for dinner that night. But it was sooo good. I ate 2! Nothing beats something home-cooked...

PS: I eventually found out that it was my mum who prepared the baked potato that he ate on Wednesday. Pfft! I know he's still 'mummy's boy' when mum's around, after all... Hmmph!

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