Friday, November 26, 2010

Awfully Chocolate

Guess what this is?

Someone tried: "nutella with ferrero in the middle..."

Rich Chocolate Cupcake - $4.90 ea.

Excerpt from their website:

“… Soft chocolate cupcakes dressed in delicious soft dark chocolate frosting with a dollop of dark chocolate fudge…”

Sounds decadent, eh?

Yes, it's rich. Very rich. Be sure to have a glass of water on standby. You’ll need it.

Cute cutleries!

I used to collect the spoon, which I got whenever I bought their ice-cream.

However, getting a pair of this, where the fork's profile is actually cut out from the original spoon design; really takes the cake.

Shooo cute...!!!

Dark Chocolate Truffles

These are hand-cut truffles that are sold by weight - $13.00 per 100g . Reminds me a lot like the stuff from Royce'.

Honestly, I wouldn't want to compare this one here with the one from Truffs. Cos' the truffles from Truff are exquisitely on another level altogether. Their cakes, too.

Awfully Chocolate rather, seems to cater to the masses. Creating good quality chocolate confectionery at a more affordable rate so everyone can have a taste.

Anyway, their products here - nice stuff. However, it's still their ice-cream that make me wanna hunt them down. *slurp!*

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