Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mon An Vietnamese Muslim Corner re-visited

UPDATE: The stall has moved to 459 Changi Road (Kassim Restaurant).

Cha Gio - $1.40 ea.

Their crispy fried spring rolls are still as awesome as ever.

Prawn Fried Bee Hoon - $3.50

My colleague ordered this again. He totally digg it. Must be the 6 big, fat prawns. We even packed some for my boss and she was like, "All these prawns for just $3.50?!"

Beef Fried Bee Hoon - $4.00

My order. The beef version of the above.

I finally had an idea as to how this seemed to be prepared. The beef is stir-fried, them mixed together with bee hoon, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, chilli with some sweet vinegar mix. Done just like a salad actually.

Talk about salad, I can never get enough of those greens served on the side. Regular mint, Vietnames mint (daun kesum) & Thai basil. The beef goes really well with them!

Love it! But the portion may seem a tad small if you're very hungry.

Thai-Style Fried Beef - $5.00

My colleague felt like having a side dish, so we made a special request (he left it to me to negotiate). They were surprised to know that he just want to eat the beef just like that.

So the proprietress cum cook decide to prepare Thai-style stir fried beef.

Given that the beef slices were pretty thin, some of the meat got a little over-cooked. However, the seasoning was really appetizing. Again, the basil really made this dish work.

Beef + basil = awesome!

I’m already missing their pho

Oh, I finally got may hands on their Goi Cuon! The ubiquituos summer roll, where the rice paper is filled with bee hoon, some greens & prawns.

I blogged about this once, when I bought some from the Vietnamese restaurant, Orange Lantern. You can never go wrong with this. Naturally, since the fillings are similar, they taste alike.

Admittedly, the veggie-lover in me love this version more than the fried one. :P

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