Friday, October 29, 2010

Mon An Vietnamese Muslim Corner

UPDATE: The stall has moved to 459 Changi Road (Kassim Restaurant).

Despite this being a Halal food corner, their food is popular with non-muslims as well.

The proprietress comes across as Vietnamese (not just her features, she seem to converse in Vietnamese with her staff as well) so I guess the food served here are more or less authentic. Also, they’re made to order so you gotta wait a lil’ bit for food served freshly off the wok.

Cha Gio ~$1.40 ea.

Love their crispy fried spring rolls. The first batch were already pretty good and I was eager to order more but there were none left. Later on, my colleague saw that they were just done with cooking another batch and ordered more… They were piping hot! Yumz!

Too bad they’re out of the Gui Cuon -their fresh veggie springroll. I would love to get my hands on those…

Pho Bo ~$5

Their Beef Soup Noodle may come off as a tad pricey but it was well worth it. They were pretty generous with the fresh & really tender slices of beef. The hearty bowl of soup is topped with veggies like bean sprouts, mint, basil and raw onions, making it all the more delish.

I wonder what that dark blob of sauce on top is... Hae Ko, like those used in Penang Laksa?

A Slice of 'Bo'

Look at that beautiful slice of beef! The beef was supposedly raw, prior to the hot soup being poured over it in the bowl.

Mi Xao Gia Vi ~$3.50

When I saw someone ordering this, I thought that this was a plate of vermicelli salad, for it reminded me of the one I had at Koh Nangkam.

Turns out my colleague ordered it and it's actually fried bee hoon. Will you just look at the generous serving of those big prawns?

He remarked that it's just like a plate of disintegrated Gui Cuon (the vegetable spring roll) but with less greens.

Oh well, since he was disappointed that he can't get his spring rolls, this turn out to be a nice replacement!

the stallIt's located at the corner of this Chinese coffee shop at Jalan Masjid, right behind Kembangan Plaza. Warning: Crowded during lunch hours & closed on Sundays.


Anonymous said...

Hi! The shop has been located just a walk away from the old location. It is now at 459 Changi Road (Kassim Restaurant)

Do visit!

bayya said...

Hi there,

Thank you so much for the info! I will surely come by with my colleagues. All of us seriously missing the food there!