Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Java Kitchen re-visited

For some reason, my colleagues & I ended up here during lunch hour.

Since I came down here once before with my family, for my bro's birthday meal -I recommend to my colleagues, that we venture here to try this place out.

You can read my previous entry on this place.

Food's decent. Almost homely. Love their chilli (although I can no longer take the heat)!

And this eatery seemed popular with the Indonesians residing in the area. You know what they say when that happens. The food should be good. Or at least authentic.

Rawon (Beef Stew)

My colleague's order. This stew here seemed watered-down. No more a stew. More like a soup instead.

Meat seemed tender, though.

Condiments for Rawon

A couple of prawn crackers, a whole salted egg and fiery sambal (chili paste).

Ayam Panggang (Grilled Chicken)

Another colleague's order. The chicken looked like its main marinade is dark, sweet soya sauce (which is not uncommon with Javanese style of grilling).

This seems like a newer item on the menu.

Also comes with that fiery sambal belachan.

Ayam Cobek (Javanese Fried Chicken)

Akin to the ubiquitous Ayam Penyet, though this one here looks much simpler.

Honestly speaking, it looks like some grilled chicken on the menu board so I guess my colleague mistakenly made this order.

Soto Sulung (Beef Soup)

My order. I had wanted to get the Gado-gado but I recalled just having Jenganan for dinner yesterday.

So I thought of having the Soto Java (Lamongan). But I find that to be common (boring!). I've always been curious about their beef soto, so I settled for the Soto Sulung instead.

No regrets. They used the my favourite cut of meat, where the lean meat is intermittently layered with soft tendons. There's also vermicelli & boiled egg inside. Yum!

The soup is almost reminiscent of Sup Buntut (Oxtail Soup) but it's less robust.

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

Another colleague's order.

Seemed like the main flavouring for this is soy sauce (again, not surprising). Served with achar (pickled cucumber & carrots) + keropok bawang (onion crackers).

I remember, when ordering Nasi Goreng in Jakarta, the mound of fried rice will be accompanied with side salad, fried chicken, sunny-side-up egg & crackers. Yummeh!

Jus Alpukat (Avocado Juice)

This seemed like a diluted version of the real deal. I think they only use chocolate sauce. Man, I sure miss mocha syrup in my Jus Alpukat! Like the one served in Sanur (Indonesian Rest'n).

You can check out their menu from their website.

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