Monday, October 25, 2010

Smoothy de Cafe re-visited

Mi Rebus

My mum told me that someone had informed her of a certain stall within Singapore Post shopping centre that served pretty good Mi Rebus.

When she told me that, my thought flew first to the food court at basement 2. Then again, I recalled just how dismal the food there is so I almost told her that she might have got the building wrong.

That's when I recalled this Malay food stall on basement 1, somewhere along the same row as McDonald's. Many times I've passed and seen office folks relishing their bowl of Mi Rebus.

I've patronised that stall a few times since then. However, it's only now that I finally tried a bowl of this. That little something on top is a fried chicken cutlet that I can't resist ordering.

And oh yeah. That Mi Rebus is really something. No wonder people talked about it. I'm impressed.


Who would have thought that the Malay food stall shared the same (tiny) premise as this bubble tea stall which happens to sell one of the best waffle around?

And their namesake, the smoothie is pretty good, too.

MY own waffle...

Of course I can't resist getting one of those for myself! Chocolate waffle please.

Thought of saving it for later (tea break, maybe?) but seeing it all piping hot and crispy, I took a bite.

Of course that one bite lead to another AND another... O_o'

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