Monday, October 11, 2010

ASLI Village

@ Downtown East

(Excerpt from Downtown East website)
"...ASLI Village is more than just a place to eat. The name ASLI means natural, original and the real thing in line with our food offering. Village is reminiscent of back in the old days time. We want it to be a place where we can get to know you better, just like back in the kampung days. A place where family and friends can get together and have a good makan all under one roof. Customers have the freedom to sit at our cozy and aircon dining area or enjoy alfresco dining while tucking into the wide choice of Halal local and international cuisines being served at ASLI village. ASLI Village – you are always welcome. "

Fried Popiah

Chicken Cutlet Noodle

To think I live merely 10 mins walking distance away. Finally came here after my family, who live in Bedok got curious about this food court - and that is after seeing a newspaper article on it. :P

There are still some vacant stalls and there's more coming up. Even a franchise of Chicken Champ by the Nuradee Bros will be opening a stall here soon. The main player here is the satay stall, seeing that Jumain Sataysfaction is the owner of this premise. Gotta get their stuff soon.

The chicken rice seem to be hot stuff here, so much so that they actually ran out of the rice when my parents made their order. Not willing to wait for 20 mins, they got the chicken noodles instead. My mum love that the wantan noodles are firm & springy.

Bro got the Fish & Chips from the Western food stall. The battered fish were soggy. I saw that they have this thing called 'The Messy Burger'; like a disintegrated burger on a plate. Looks cool, actually. They also sell nachos.

Also got the grilled Yuo Tiao + Tau Pok rojak from the Opeh/Upih Noodles stall. It was pretty nice. The sauce was adequately spicy with good amount of heko/petis and peanuts.

I discovered the Thai food stall and noticed that they are offering pretty authentic Thai fare like beef noodles, papaya/mango/vermicelli salad, pineapple rice, olive fried rice, pad thai etc.

I settled on the Phad Thai (fried kway teow). It was nice, actually. The Phad Thai carry just the right flavours. I like that there's this occasional bites on goong haeng (dried shrimps). Those who don't like their food to be sweet can pass on this for one of the essential ingredient here is palm sugar. Just too bad there's not enough wok hei (smoky aroma) because they're overwhelmed by orders that night so the stir-frying pair were too busy to let the food fry longer.

Those ordering stuff like salad & beef noodles get their pretty quickly for they're prepared by this Thai-looking lady at the front. The beef noodles are topped with a spoonful of minced-garlic. I like that! If only they pound the som tham (green papaya salad) instead of just mixing it up in a bowl before serving. That would have been more authentic.

Since this is so near to home, I really should find time to explore the other eats available here.

PS: They have separate musollah rooms for male/female at the back.

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