Tuesday, October 19, 2010

KFC Roasta Burger

Cheese Fries & Egg Tarts!

My usual default order. Upgrade to cheese fries and additional egg tart.

This is why I try not to eat at KFC often. For the sake of my arteries.

cardboard 'oven'

This packaging really 'act cute', man!

I really thought that the grey panel was for some scratch-and-win game or something.

grilled skinless boneless chicken thigh

I always have this habit of exposing the ugly part of a burger- the insides. Looking at this really brings on a deja vu, of a promo burger from McD.

Sorry if this will hold u back from trying the burger out or something.

But the patty looks juicy, doesn't it?

oat bran dusted bun

I love this type of buns. You can say that I'm a sucker for them. Whenever new promo burgers use this type of bun, I'm always gunning to try them out.

Then again, I'm always gunning to try out ALL new promo burgers. :P

My take for this burger? The meat's tender and the sauce is decent. I don't mind if this becomes a permanent fixture on KFC's menu. I'm sure that I might just order this again.

Besides, it's gotta be a lil' more healthy than the deep fried Zinger or Bandito patty, rite? Rite...?

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