Saturday, October 23, 2010

random eats... again

Mui Fun

It was pretty balmy that day. I was thinking of having something hearty, warm and soothing. This is the closest I can get to my idea of comfort food; without ordering porridge. Rice topped with really egg-y, seafood gravy loaded with some greens.

The really ‘egg-y’ part is what I’m after. I love my eggs!

Nasi Lemak (set)

I know that some places tint their coconut-infused fragrant rice green to accentuate the ‘pandan’ look. Like the Nasi Lemak served at Qi Ji.

But THIS Nasi Lemak I had for lunch that day had an eerie-looking green tint that looks wayyy too unnatural. Looks almost turquoise to me. I think they overdid the colouring a wee bit.

Could be that this is the first time that I had nyonya achar served as a set with my Nasi Lemak. Not that I mind. The sambal here was pretty good too. As with the fried chicken wing. Just too bad that crispy wing was a weeny bit undercooked inside (prolly cooked with too-high heat).

Fish burger & potato wedges

It really is refreshing to order something like this from someplace other than a ‘branded’ fast food outlet.

Burger is simple patty + lettuce + mayo ($2.20). Potato wedges comes with oodles of mayo ($2.00).

Colleague asked why didn’t I ask for cheese wedges instead? The mayo already did me in. Having the cheese would have been an overkill.

Maggi goreng

These are usually available at those stalls manned by Indian-Muslim hawkers, whose style of cooking usually having some red/orange coulouring added into their ketchup, which they use to season when frying.

The bright colour can put-off those who aren’t used to it but locals here are pretty much lackadaisical. That’s why also, we try to cut down on intake of food consumed from these stalls.

Too much food coulouring ain’t good for you.

But I gotta add that this stall at Changi Village food centre (the market side, right beside the Chinese drinks stall) also serve some pretty mean satay. Both the chicken and beef meat are marinated (and also grilled) nicely. And the sauce totally sum up all that goodness. It's pretty good, overall.

No wonder almost everyone have a plate of satay on their table (this was the only stall serving satay, that night).

My family, being the fussy Javanese they are, are always on the hunt for good Javanese eats (eg. Mi Rebus, Rawon, Satay...). Another of my family's favourite satay are those sold at East Coast Lagoon Food Centre, the one in front of Musa Barbecue Seafood.

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