Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ASLI Village revisited

Came back here, with the in-laws this time. Considering we all live a mere 10mins away, yet we have not really checked out most of their food.

The seafood stall at the corner

Hubby thought of ordering various dishes with rice from the seafood stall and share amongst us.

BBQ Stingray w/ chinchalok

One of the dish ordered from there was the BBQ stingray was was grilled just the way I like it. The meat was tender yet the thin edges were so crispy that I ate those part together with the crunchy bones.

The sambal was heavily infused with belachan and they were quite generous with the chinchalok on the side.

Other orders were fried rice (so-so only), crispy chicken wings (reminds me of har cheong kai), omelette (for the kids), kangkong belachan (little chilli, too much belachan!) and cereal prawns. The latter was pretty nice, actually. Quite high on my list of favourites for cereal prawns. If only the prawns were bigger, then it can contend with the ones from Adimann.

This stall was flanked with so many orders on that Saturday night, so service was pretty slow.

Thai Mix-Beef

My MIL on the other hand, refused to have rice and insist on ordering something else for herself.

First she ventured to the stall selling 'opeh' noodles (at my recommendation) but changed her mind after seeing the long queue.

Later on, I saw her in front on the Flamingo Thai food stall. She told me that she still had fond memories of the Thaksin Beef noodles that my BIL bought for her a few days back so she wanna try their version.

This mixed version had thinly sliced fresh meat, stewed meat and meat balls all together in the same bowl. The soup is not as robust and not as heavily infused with spices as Thaksin's version. Aside from the bean sprouts, there weren't really any greens. They do top the soup with a dollop of minced garlic, though (I LOVE garlic!).


As it is know, ASLI Village is managed by the people behind 'Jumain Satay', so they are really the main stall is this food court.

I'm pretty reluctant to say this but... I've definitely had (much) better satays.

That night I ordered the 'tender' version of their satays because I had my MIL in mind. I asked them regarding the difference between the 'original & tender' versions. The tender version is less sweet and supposedly more palatable for the elderly.

The meat looked like they've been minced before made into little lumps and skewered.

The sauce... well, seriously lacked some ingredients or something. It's just lacked the oomph!

PS: For my favourite satay stalls, you can view my previous 'random food' entry; towards the end.

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