Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe re-visited

2 of my cousins were totally enticed by my previous blog entry on this place and insist that I bring them here one day (you guys know who you are!).

You may notice that my orders are pretty much what I've had before. Can't help it, they were safe choices and they were good!

I don't bother to elaborate much on these (similar) dim sum dishes. You can hop over to my previous entry to read on them.

Teh Tarik

Anyway, as we know Hong Kong is pretty known for their milk tea. In the receipt this was stated as: 'Tea in HK Style'.

We asked for big cups. This one here is HUGE! Almost pint-sized.

Siew Mai

Har Gow

Xiaolong Bao

Crispy prawn dumpling

Inside the crispy prawn dumpling

Oh before I forgot, there's this chinese rojak stall inside here and their Yuotiao (Char Kway) Rojak is awesome!

Totally crispy and flavoursome, just that it ain't spicy. In fact, my mum said that it seem like it's done the traditional way. The youtiao was supposedly dipped in this chilli & syrup mix prior to being grilled. That's what gave another dimension to the flavour of this simple dish.


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