Friday, December 10, 2010

Durian Puffs

This post is long overdue. I thought I've already posted this. Guess I haven't. Gah!

I've long been tempted to try the durian schtuffs sold from this simple confectionery. They have durian puffs, durian rolls (ala swiss rolls with durian cream) & durian crepes.

Durian puffs - $3.90 for 6pcs

Look at how generously-filled each puff is! And the sweet scent of durian permeates the air as I opened the packaging.

Not that very sweet. Not exactly 100% durian meat but good enough. Any more, you might as well eat the actual fruit.

The shop

They prepare bulk orders for any occasions.

Also have the mango version of the rolls and crepes. There are cheesecakes, brownies and pies too.

'Eyeball' puffs

I playfully placed a blueberry on the puff and realised that these look good for Halloween. Reminds me of Monsters Inc.


PS: Talk about durian puff, I'm very much curious by the popular, supposedly (very) good and pricey durian goodies from Deli @ Goodwood Park Hotel. They also have Durian Strudel, I hear?

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