Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random foods

Roast duck noodles - $5

Once in a while, I do hanker for some duck items. I remember that Enak Rasa Thai Seafood at Bedok Reservoir used to serve it but I don't really see it anymore.

Last time I had duck was the wrap/roll (they supposedly ran out of the cone version, dang!) that's sold at the Geylang Bazaar during the fasting month.

That is, until the first time I stepped into Broadway Eating House - at the ground level of the new Geylang Serai Market. And I saw that Evertop Chicken Rice has set up a stall here.

I saw the roast duck hanging in the display and I knew that I have to get that. Since it's still morning, I deem that having rice would have been too filling, so I settled for the noodles instead.

That sure was a good choice. Their noodles are springy, their given sauce more than suffice and most importantly, they're generous with the duck meat.

The thick slab of duck meat was really tender and doesn't smell gamey. And hell yeah, of course I ate the skin. That's where all the essence lie. Yummeh!

Fried calamari

Came by with my colleague, to New Hawa at City Plaza for some noodles and we can't resist sharing a side dish.

The thinner-than-usual slices of calamari came off as pretty dismal, initially. But those crumbs on the batter makes it more appealing. And taste wise...?

It's pretty good, thankfully. The meat was tender and the batter was nicely seasoned. And those crumb-y part do add some crunch. Nice!

A pleasant round-up to a humble lunch.

Thankfully this place is a merely 10mins drive from my office. Traffic jam, excluding.

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