Sunday, December 19, 2010

My baby boi's mini party

I didn't really plan to have a party for my son's 1 year-old birthday. Logically, the baby knows absolutely nothing about this celebration held in his honour so what's the point, right?

Then I think that I may need to get my family involved, seeing it's their first & only grandchild, after all. And my bro wanna see his only nephew cutting his 1st birthday cake.

So I thought of ordering pizza and some fried chicken. Until, my dad informed me that my dear aunt, the 'aspiring confectioner', wanna 'sponsor' some buns for the celebrations. Oh, wow!

We often bring my baby to her place, so she totally adore him. Guess it's his blessing, then. :)))

The spread

'Pizza' buns

My in-laws all remarked that this bun looks 'professionally done' and not like it's from the hands of an amateur.

With chicken hot dogs.

Mini pizzaz

Fist time I saw her making these. Maybe she got inspired by stuff offered in the various Halal bakeries at Jusco Tebrau City (JB).

With chicken ham.

Raisin buns

Looking at these, maybe I wanna encourage her to try making cinnamon rolls. Hmm...

Cheese buns

My favourite amongst all. Yum!

Looking at all these buns makes me wanna troop down to the nearest bakery, pronto. I just can't get enough!

Fried chicken drumsticks

My mum made no mention about bringing fried chicken so I had called up Arnold's Fried Chicken and have them deliver their Party Combo or something. However, they had suspended deliveries at that time, due to bad weather.

I was disappointed initially, for I know just how many fried chicken lovers will be in attendance. Image how relieved I was when I saw these. Relieved also that the delivery order fell through. Imagine the abundance of fried chicken! Guess things happen for a reason, eh?

These store-bought, pre-marinated & battered drumsticks are ingeniously butterflied so that the meat can be cooked through.

Oxtail soup

I miss eating this. She had casually mentioned it before and I never thought that she'll really prepare this. She came with a rather big pot of this, actually. It was quite a hit amongst the others. Piping hot soup filled with potatoes, tomatoes, succulent beef chunks.... Dip some french loaf into this, on that rainy evening... Shiok!

...Guess she felt the need to contribute something for her first and only (currently) grandchild.

Fruit 'cocktail'

To me, a party doesn't feel complete without a bowl of this. Add on some longans/lychees and even sea coconut (a hit with the elders), squeeze some calamansi and dump in the ice.

Voila! The modern fruit punch (literally).

So there you have it. My son's birthday party, which turned out to be a tad 'grander' than initially anticipated. Many thanks to all involved. Fatimah, if you're reading this, tell your mum that I can never thank her enough! :)



Happy Birthday to your little man!! What a spread!!! I hope the day was fun for everyone : )

bayya said...


Thanks for dropping by! Thank you. Won't be long before you have a party for lil' Ilah!