Saturday, January 01, 2011

Eatzi Gourmet Restaurant

Either that I was miffed with my bad choices or that I'm really getting jaded with this place. Save for the nice restaurant ambiance, I think I'm better off getting nice steaks & such elsewhere, like Spize Concepts @ Simpang Bedok, Botak's Favourites etc.

All the hotel restaurants were fully booked by the time this procrastinator finally got down to booking for her mum's birthday dinner. So we ran out of dining ideas on that weekday night.

Onion rings

Typical ones that we can get anywhere else; at maybe 2x the price.

Seafood in a pan

"An assortment of crispy breaded seafood accompanied with french fries..."

Please don't expect anything like the seafood platter from Fish & Co. or Manhattan Fish Market. These are fish fillets, prawns, calamari rings and mock scallop - that's tossed into a deep-fryer and then served in a pan for aesthetic purposes.

I think this works better as a starter instead. Sans fries.

My brother made this order on top of his Spaghetti Carbonara (sorry no pic). So I guess he meant to share it with the rest of the table.

Crayfish & Chicken combo

My order. Crayfish and boneless chicken thigh topped with fried garlic bits. Yeah just that. No sauce. So dryyyy..... Pfft.

And I'm someone who loves her sauces.

I was initially interested in their Steak & Chicken combo, but it's to be served with SAMBAL sauce. A bit of a turn-off, actually. Then again, I guess a weird sauce is better than NO sauce, huh?

Should have just stuck with their plain ol' steak or the grilled chicken (aka chicken chop).

baked potato

Then again, I guess another reason why I like coming here is because of this.

I love the baked potato here. Yeah, the plain ol' spud topped with sour cream, scallions & beef bacon bits.

My dad & hubby got themselves the Mix Grill (sorry no pic) - a combo of "...chicken frank, lamb chop, chicken, beef steak and chicken bacon; topped with fried egg."

There's no sauce for this too, so the both of them doused their various meats in chilli sauce. That was one heck of a grease bomb, there. Really. Like The Great Fry-Up on a platter. So much so that my hubby got a neck strain 2 days later. NO MORE, I tell you. Uh-uh.

My mum had been coughing for a few days so I thought she'll choose one of the many grilled dishes available. Especially the seafood ones like fish, which is considered pretty 'safe' for her in that condition.

And my mum got the Fish Parmigiana (sorry no pic). "..Breaded fish fillet topped with Napoletana sauce & cheese.."

Fried dish...? Sigh.

Anyway, that 'Napoletana' sauce = Neapolitan sauce = basic tomato sauce in Italian-esque cuisine.

dessert~ ice-cream

All of us took the $4.50 set, where we'll also get the soup of the day + coffee/tea and dessert.

Dessert that day was a scoop of strawberry ice-cream with irritating rainbow sprinkles. Irritating because those coloured sugar beads were so hard to the bite that all of us simply cast them aside.

Kinda' miss the mango ice-cream from the last time.

And oh, the birthday lady with the cough, she was pretty full by then and she still have the ice-cream and a cup of tea, rite?

She gave her cup of tea away and finish up the ice-cream instead. -___-

And oh, Happy New Year, y'all!

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