Monday, January 10, 2011

Starhub Green - Jia Wei Food Hub

Starhub Green used to have this air-conditioned food court called Food Hub, where the food's good but expensive. Expensive, for foods sold within an industrial area. It was said that the rental was a tad high, that's why.

Over a short period of time, stallholders by stallholders moved out and the premise turn out to be a sad-looking food court with dark cavities where former stalls used to be.

It wasn't a surprise that the food court eventually closed at the 3rd quarter of last year.

Well, not anymore! Apparently, a new management took over and the area is alive and bustling again, since 6th Jan. And... the food is considerably cheaper!

Row of Muslim food stalls

I entered from the main lobby and was greeted with the sight of not 1, or 2 but a row of 3 Muslim food stalls!

Apparently, they belong to the same lessee. Must have been called the "Super Group" or something, going by how most of their food are labeled, "Super".

Nasi Goreng Ayam Penyet - $5

They have the 'Super' Ayam Penyet at $4 but I chose something different. Supposedly Ayam Penyet with fried rice.

The fried rice was freshly fried with every order and everyone must have been intrigued by this offering and ordered it. Imagine the frying that the cook had to do!

I have to say that the fried rice was a little bit off, taste-wise. A tad bland, I'd say. But that was made up by the fried chicken which was still warm & crispy (possibly re-fried?) and the sambal that totally kick-butt with it's taste and spiciness. My nose started leaking by the end of the meal, actually.

The whole ensemble was pretty dry, honestly and I wish that they at least serve a bowl of soup with this. Apparently, they only serve soup with the regular Ayam Penyet order.

Nasi Lemak, 'Super Wing' set - $3

The first time I was there, I had every intention to order their "Super Complete" Nasi Lemak set, where there's the sunny-side up egg, fried chicken wing, fried ikan bilis (white bait) with peanuts & otah. Another option is to have the fried 'ikan selar kuning' (Golden Band Scad) instead of the chicken.

Alas, they have all the side ingredients but they ran out of the rice, of all things.... The nasi lemak must have been good, I guess. They truly miss out on the lunch crowd, that way.

Anyway, I came back the week after and decided that the "Super Wing" set will satisfy me nicely. There's sunny-side-up egg, fried chicken wing, fried white bait & peanuts + cucumber slices.

I asked for more sambal and the friendly lady happily obliged. I'm glad I did, for the sambal suits me just fine. Not incredible but it's the kind of taste I expect with Nasi Lemak. The slightly sweet & sour + spicy kind.

And another plus? The chicken was still crispy! I like that. Makes me miss the fried chicken wing from Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak at Adam Road, though.

Cornflakes Macaroons - $3

The last stall from this group sells cakes, traditional kuehs & cookies, apparently. I can't resist my Hari Raya favourite and bought a pack of these Cornflakes Macaroons.

At $3 for 10pcs, these aren't exactly cheap but I don't mind buying whenever the yearning comes!

Nasi Padang set - $4.30

At the other side of the food court is your typical Nasi Padang stall. "Al' Jannah Nasi Padang" sell their mix-rice by sets and they seem pretty affordable. Sets of 1 meat + 2 vegetable dishes for just $3.80.

Here my colleague can't resist adding-on the crispy dried fish coated with sweet sambal.

Had a taste of the beef rendang and it seem nicely executed, albeit the fact that it could be a little more tender.

Couldn't be more glad that this food court finally re-opened. At least there's somewhere to head to when we don't feel like walking too far for lunch.

Which reminds me. Is the food court at Ubi Techpark ever going to open?!

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Anonymous said...

That's nice, now if only the new owner would stop verbally abusing his contracted cleaners and withholding their pay.. that'd make things quite perfect =)