Saturday, January 15, 2011

McD's Double Fortune Fillet

Was over-timing at the office so we decided to order McD. Saw the new burger promo on their McDelivery website and ordered it out of curiousity.

Double Fortune Fillet - $5 (ala carte)

So I guess they are featuring this during the festive CNY period instead of the usual Prosperity Burger? Have they 'killed' the elongated bun & beef patty with its raw onions + black pepper sauce already?

And the Twister fries... huhu!

Uh oh. Tini, I hope you won't be too disappointed.... :(

Side view

Don't mind it being a lil' lopsided. Tried shifting the fillets but it seemed that the melted cheese had somewhat glued them to the bun.

McD seem to feature a lot of 'doubles' (to clear stock mebbe?) but I don't mind the fish fillet cos' they are pretty light so it doesn't make me feel as guilty like when I had the double chicken or beef patties (I miss the Double Prosperity Burger already!).


Let's not discuss the dismal-looking lettuce leaves shall we?

What makes this Double Prosperity burger different from you regular Double Fillet-O-Fish, is the sauce. The 'Tangy Sesame Mayo Sauce'.

I kinda' like the sauce, actually.

It has this spicy bite that's akin to wasabi. Ok, maybe not exactly that. Could be mustard, actually. I don't really know. Since mustard is both sour & spicy and that's the flavours I detect in the sauce. Plus the sesame give the sauce a slight nutty taste which is interesting.

Beats plain tartar sauce, anytime!

Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry

Look at the Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry sold at other countries. They have real cake bits inside!

This one here should be call strawberry-Oreo McFlurry or something. Pfft.


Tini said...

I am so disappointed, sad to say.
Urgh.. I dun understand wats up with the double fillet thingy?? Guess Malaysia did the right choice. Gonna have the deliciouso Prosperity Burger @ JB! Join me,CT!! :D

bayya said...

Hmm.. kena paham beb. Ini negeri ada orang takleh makan daging lemboo (bukan cakap orang india jer.. org cina pon) jadi buat gini nak fair lah gitu....

Tini said...

yeahh.. ure right.
but still, they should consider bringing it in. heh. Mr Ronald, can u hear me?? :P