Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ayer Rajah Food Centre

Indian mee siam

I know this version is not really authentic and all but I really prefer this over the regular Malay (or even Peranakan) mee siam.

Maybe it's because of its more subtle flavours. Or the lack or sourness in the gravy. Perhaps it's the nutty taste. Or how it's made slightly creamy with a little coconut milk.

Not that many places I know serve this. There's the infamous Geylang rojak stall. There are a couple of stalls at Haig Road. And then there's this one here. :)

Psst... The reddish tint of the bee hoon should be due to it being fried with a bit of chilli paste but this one here is orange. And the sambal served on the side also have this odd reddish hue which looked pretty scary.

Guess they went a lil' overboard with the food colouring...?

Rojak Bandung

I believe this is an Oriental dish (Cuttlefish Kangkong) that's been adapted into the malay food culture. Blanched kangkong, boiled cuttlefish, chili, shrimp paste (hae ko), tofu & sesame seeds/peanuts.

The one in the picture however, was a more simplified version because it comes as a side dish to a rice porridge set.

They have the main set where plain rice porridge is served with chye poh, salted egg, fried white bait and peanuts, spicy soy sauce + sambal kangkong on the side. My idea of comfort food.

And it's also from this stall, that I ate my very first century egg (with pickled ginger slivers) and got hooked ever since.

Hassan Moroccan Rotisserie Chicken

I can't believe I forgot the stall name again. I actually made a mental note of it. Then again, I'm a pretty forgetful person, to start with.

My brother was still reminiscing the previous time we had the chicken here. Been bugging me to come back here for this chicken. Coming from a person who detest non-fried chicken (especially grilled ones), this is a pretty big deal.

This time, instead of the 'Quattro', we got the 'Duo', half-a-chicken instead of quarter.

As soon as it arrived on the table, everyone rushed for the crispy skin, with its subtle cumin flavour/scent. Even the fleshy parts like the breast meat ain't dry. Mmmm....!

Mutton Chop

My hubby's order.

For someone who needs to watch his blood pressure, this doesn't seem like a good order.

I don't know why it takes so long to prepare this. I'll only order this when I have ample eating time, actually. Yes, this is also a favourite of mine.

From the fresh cucumber & tomato slices, to the Mei Ling canned peas. Then the freshly fried homemade potato wedges and of course, the partially cooked sunny side-up egg. And then, the scarily reddish-hued mutton chunks.

Scarily enough, I'm craving for this as I'm typing. Erk..?! O_o

There you go. Some of the stuffs I usually order from one of my favourite eating places.

Next time, gonna try the 'Boomastik' Penyet stall and the grilled penyet offerings from Sri Bistari Penyet stall.

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