Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hassan Moroccan Chicken Rotisserie

This stall at Ayer Rajah Food Centre (West Coast) was quite a pleasant find.

Quattro roasted chicken set w/ fries (also available with butter rice)

It was hubby's birthday and he requested to come here after we fetched my bro from work, late that night. As it turned out, he had every intention to have the ayam penyet from that pretty famous 'Boombastic' stall (No. 29). Just too bad that it was closed that night.

Right across from that closed stall, I saw a couple of whole chickens being roasted on a rotisserie; at the front of this particular stall. Right beside it was the rotating kebab spit, where layers of chicken meat are stacked together and roasted before chunks of them sliced off for doner kebabs.

I then saw a lone Arabic-looking man working inside. Going by the name of the stall, guess it's safe to assume that he's Moroccan?

My dad chose to have his doner kebab roll (also available with thick pita breads). Service was a lil' slow that night because he seemed flanked by many orders (popular, I assume?) and it's just him manning the stall. And it's not self-service, mind you. He'll send the plate of food to your table, personally.

Taking a bite from my dad's roll, I tell you - the whole wait is so worth it cos' the chicken meat inside tasted fabulous! Tender chicken meat that's soooo nicely marinated, it totally hit the spot!

I quickly pointed out to my mum that this fella's specialty must have been his roasted chicken. I still can't get the sight of those 2 beautifully golden chickens rotating on the rotisserie, out of my mind. I've never been too fond of roasted chickens but that delicious chicken doner kebab got me all curious about how those whole chicken meat will taste.

And when I came back to the stall to make my order, imagine my surprise when I saw that there was only 1 bird left on that spit. I hastily made my order, seeing there there were a few others and I feared that I might have missed out on the very last piece.

True enough. He then took out the very last chicken and proceed to cut it up. Someone ordered a 1/2 chicken set, leaving another half. Take away the quarter portion that I ordered, that will leave another 1/4 portion for a very lucky person that night.

As the plate was being place on the table, I can't help whiffing a very nice aroma wafting from this bird. Lotsa' spices definitely. And that powdery thing on the chicken had to be cumin, for it smelt & tasted similar to the one available one the side; at my favourite kacang pool stall in Geylang Serai Market.

The skin carried the full-bodied flavour of various spices used to marinate this bird. And that thin skin was crisp from all that roasting. And the meat? Tender, juicy and really shiok!

The dipping sauce on the side wasn't really chilli sauce. It had this tangy flavour which complement the chicken really well. The fries on the side aren't really freshly fried. There's also some ok-tasting coleslaw on the plate. I wonder how the butter rice would have tasted like.

Besides the doner kebab and roasted chicken, there's also panini (sandwich) available -with chicken or tuna stuffing.

I'm so going back there for more of that chicken! Maybe a 1/2 bird to share.

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