Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mad Jack Cafe

White Sands

Hubby suggested having my birthday dinner somewhere nearby since we just knocked off work that evening. I suggested Manhattan Fish Market (MFM), since I'm keen to try out the White Sands branch. Besides, hubby did express interest in that place by asking me what their food is about.

Somehow on that evening itself, he grimaced when I mentioned MFM. He looked up to where Mad Jack Cafe is and said, "Why don't we just eat there?" Sigh. So much for looking though MFM’s menu earlier in the day...

We took the dinner set which comes with coke, soup-of-the-day, mains & dessert-of-the-day. There are 3 options for the mains: Lamb Chops, Rib-Eye Steak or Premium Fish & Chips. Both of us chose the steak.

I tell you, if he chose the fish & chips after rejecting MFM, he sure deserve a good socking in the face.

Since hubby went to the counter to make the order, it became somewhat a mystery to me as to what the 'soup-of-the-day' & 'dessert-of-the-day' could be.

Soup was cream of mushroom, which is thankfully, hubby's favourite (he's the picky eater, not me).

Grilled Rib-Eye in Black Pepper Sauce

Luckily hubby opted medium for us both.

And the steak was done nicely. Cooked outside and a nice pink inside. Too bad the meat wasn’t premium quality (with that price I shouldn’t ask for too much).

The black pepper sauce sure pack a peppery punch. I mixed in a bit of the sauce from the mashed potato when it gets too overwhelming.

Love the boiled veggies on the side. The sweetcorn lived up to its name. The mashed potato was alright. Guess I've tasted better.

Mad & Rich Dessert

I chose to have the set meal not only because it’s value-for-money but I want to have dessert without appearing 'too greedy' in front of the hubby.

I’ve been secretly hankering to have the luscious-looking Mad & Rich Dessert. Everytime I pass by this eatery on the way to the bank, that cake just seem to call out to me.

As I anxiously waited for the 'secret' dessert I tell myself that I can easily spare myself this anxiety by asking the server directly, what the dessert-of-the-day was. But all this wait seem to give me an adrenaline rush.

Imagine, what a pleasant surprise it was, to see just THAT being served at the end of our meal. I was grinning like the Cheshire cat!

I remember the tagline for this cake: "WARNING! For choc die-hards!"
And I have to agree. It was mad sinful, can? Hubby didn't even finish his. But I like! :)))

Save for the somewhat lacking service (manpower shortage), it was a pretty pleasant dining experience. Maybe because it's a weeknight.

Menu available HERE.

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