Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random foods

KFC's AM Platter

This one was a serious downer. Don't know which is worse. The service there (Downtown East), that morning or the food.

The porridge took 15mins to arrive. Maybe that batch ran out and when they finally served, they did it by the dozens. Same goes for the waffles, which were supposedly prepared ala minute.

The only fast one has got to be the breakfast platter, where the contents were at the food warmer, ready to be assembled upon order.

Those scones go well with the given maple syrup. If only they weren't so hard...

Not necessary to drag me here screaming & kicking but if I ever come back it'll only be for their American am Twister, simply because there's bacon (I love bacon). I had a feeling I might just crave for their waffles & egg one day.

Otherwise, just stick to McD or Burger King.

Kacang Pool Mustafa

Ah, my favourite food, from my favourite stall at Geylang Serai Food Centre. Imagine how much I suffered when I strictly avoided eating this throughout my pregnancy...

I love ordering from this stall (which sells only this, btw) because there are jars of these fragrant cumin powder which complement the spiced fava beans oh-so-well. It's up to us, how liberally we want to sprinkle on our dish (not too much I hope, the strong scent may just overwhelm the whole dish). You can see some of that powder on the top-right corner of my plate.

The runny sunny-side-up eggs are only cooked upon order and they'll mash some of the beans on the spot (you can see it done as you wait, it's self-service after all). As a result, the mashed fava beans has varying consistencies to tease the tastebuds.

This dish is a bad idea for lunch on a weekday, actually. Not good if you have meetings afterwards.

Beans cause flatulence. What more when paired with those raw onions. Flatulence + dragon's breath? You don't want to scare people away!

7-eleven Pocket Sandwiches

These fluffy things didn't taste all too bad. It'll be nice to get the freshly-made ones (do check the dates).

There are 3 varieties available: Chicken Ham & Cheese (always sold out!), Chicken & Mushroom and Tuna & Corn.

At only $1.60, these babies are more of a bargain than their the triangular sandwiches which easily cost more than $3 ea.

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