Thursday, September 02, 2010

Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant

Breaking of fast with paternal cousins

We have planned that the early birds shall choose the food to order. All these foods were chosen by my cousin & myself, based on our knowledge of the food here and what we assumed to be other peeps' favourites.

All dishes are medium-sized, save for the chicken dishes - which are small.

Kangkong Belacan - $10

A favourite amongst most people, it's hard to miss out on ordering this.

Somehow, this plate of greens lacked the usual, flavourful depth.

Hotplate Tofu/Beancurd - $14

Another favorite. What I notice here is that their hotplate tofu is listed simply under tofu ONLY. Maybe because there are other seafood dishes available so they don't really offer hotplate tofu with all the works.

Not bad, this one.

Baby Squid in Oyster Sauce - $14

This one here is forgettable. Because I can't remember much about this dish. Blah.

Shanghainese Chicken - $9

I remember my family recommending this dish to me. They supposedly came here without me one time and ordered this and fell in love with it. I wasn't to impressed when this was served to me at first. It's just chicken cooked in sweet soy sauce.

In fact, when I (confidently) asked for this one, the waiter was quick to remark that this is simply chicken in sweet soy sauce (this variation must have not been popular with some).

However, this dish is da bomb for me too. The chicken is deep-fried till really crispy before being tossed into sweet soy sauce with chili padi, curry leaves and onions. Sprinkled with sesame seeds before being served.

My cousin got hooked on this (and insist on ordering this one) that night. My cousin's son couldn't help relishing this too. Even my husband liked this.

Lemon chicken - $9

This one was pretty dismal. I remember we asked for a medium portion but I think we were served a small plate.

Though crispy, the chicken cutlet was on the thin side. The sauce, despite the eerie yellow tint, only carry a weak lemon-y flavour. Well, I wasn't expecting a lemon taste so strong that it'll remind me of detergent but the taste was seriously lacking here.

Cereal Prawns - $28

This was another disappointment. Sure the portion looks like there's a lot but the size of the prawns were inconsistent. Maybe they somehow ran out of the properly-sized prawns that Friday night?

Some of them were the oft-used medium-sized tiger prawns. But there were also the occasional small ones that seemed more suited for stir-frying with noodles or rice.

The cereal bits were alright but I'm sure I've tasted something better when dining here previously.

Seafood Tom Yam - $14

First time that I saw a crayfish inside my tom yam soup. Maybe because this is the medium portion?

Not exactly my favourite rendition of tom yam but it sure is chock full with ingredients. And honestly, those tiger prawns taste much better than the crayfish.

3-flavour fried seabass - $26

Translated from Malay: Ikan 3 Rasa. The sauce is of Thai origins. Sweet, sour, spicy. Was asked to choose between Seabass & Grouper. Chose the former, for it can get really crispy when fried.

The sauce was good. However, my personal preference would have been the sweet & sour. But this one help to add on some spice amongst the various foods ordered.

Just too bad that I was busy with the other dishes to fully focus on digging out the nicer bits from this fish. Hubby seem to love it, though. He ended up nibbling the bones.


Ended the dinner on a sweet note with a surprise birthday cake for my hubby, whose birthday fall on the next day.

Had to ask a favour from my cousin since I won't have the time (also to value-add the element of surprise). Gave the green light to purchase ANY chocolate cake. Personally though, I would have preferred cake from Prima Deli.

Not only was the cake bought from there, she had also chosen my favourite, the Belgium Chocolate Divine. Last I had that was during my karaoke cum hen-night cum birthday party, more than a year back. And it was yummeh!

The Belgian chocolate mousse and crunchy choco balls really did me in. Not surprisingly, the whole cake was gone by the time we left. Oh yeah. Licked clean!

Was pretty disappointed that the food was really not up to their usual standards (inconsistency alert!). However, I should have known better than to dine there at their most hectic period; where they're under pressure to have the orders of food cooked and served, all at the same time. To obviously very hungry customers, nonetheless.

Will come back on another time, during their lull period and order my favorites again... This place had been my favourite haunt for far too long for me to lose hope on them. :P

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