Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hawa Restaurant

Al-Fresco dining, outside City Plaza.

I sure have been neglecting this blog much, haven't I?

I tot' of using this fasting month to give myself a break, but I guess not. Not when the publishing of these pics here have been more than a month overdue...

My colleague who always drove us around for lunch headed to City Plaza to see a chiropractor there, leaving me with another colleague wondering, "Where to..?" for lunch. One colleague was on leave so it's just us 2.

Arnold's is out of question. Last time we dined there, we had to wait more than 1/2hr just to enter the restaurant. Then I recalled the Indonesian eatery, Es Teler located just outside the main building. When outside, we noticed that a new eatery has taken over the Sembawang Satay Club.

What drove us try check them out were the yummy looking roasted chickens hanging in the display counter!

However, we realised just how extensive their menu is and we got fickle. Instead of the initial intention to simply order chicken rice, we decide to share some dishes between ourselves; to try out their food. Besides, we were pretty hungry.

**All small portions, $10 each (checked receipt).

Sambal Chicken

Chose this dish, which easily met our criteria for 'some chicken' and 'something spicy'.

Small cuts of chicken fillets - deep fried and then stir fried with sambal sauce (plus lots of onions). I wish I can describe the sambal as 'fiery' but it is sambal done the Chinese way, heavily infused with dried shrimp (hae bee hiam) and was rather mild.

But it did go well with the chicken, its slightly pungent aroma reminding me of Har Cheong Kai; the deep fried prawn-paste chicken.

Deep-fried baby squid

Who doesn't love this dish? Baby squids, deep-fried and then stir fried with sweet & sour sauce.

The only risk involved is to have the squids undercooked, making them tough & rubbery. Or overcooked, putting them beyond crispy to very hard instead. Thankfully these were nicely crispy with the sauce evenly coating every bit.

Chewing on those crispy morsels had been fun!

Hot-plate Tofu

This, to me is my idea of an all-in-one dish. I can have my veggies, seafood, tofu, egg & gravy by just ordering this!

And this one here was done nicely. Chock-full of ingredients, pretty much overwhelming for us both. Wayy better than the dismal one we had during lunch one time. Notice how the soft tofu was cut into rectangular pieces instead of the usual round ones?

We had anticipate our colleague to join us after his massage session but he had to rush off for a meeting, even leaving us behind cos' we chose to take our time to savour the food, since we eventually had to finish up food meant for 3 pax.

Thankfully, the taxi stand is a mere 10 metres or so away!

Only after paying and looking at the receipt, do I realise that this had been 1 of Hawa Restaurant's branch. That explains the yummy looking roasted chickens, since they've been known to serve pretty delish chicken rice!

Verdict: We like it enough to come back here again. The next day, in fact. With our other 2 colleagues in tow.

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