Friday, August 06, 2010

B Bakery

Desserts galore!

Lemon tart

My boss's order. She loooooves lemon-y desserts. This had been the umpteenth time that I saw her ordering a lemon tart wherever they're available.

It's thanks due to her that I became a lemon tart convert. I used to have a phobia of them ever since that one time, I actually ate one where the cream tasted like detergent. No joke!

The lemon curd/cream inside this one was thankfully, not too... tart (ok, pardon the pun). It's tangy alright but not overtly so. And the beautiful meringue over it is also not too sweet and help to nicely balance all that sourness.

And the crust... Oooh I sure liked the shortcrust tart base. Nicely crunchy with a hint of buttery taste. Almost like a biscuit!

Sad to say, though, I've yet to find a lemon tart that can contend with the one from Ricciotti at Riverwalk. If I'm not wrong, it's called, 'Limoncello'. That one was... fwah!

Chocolate raspberry tart

My boss had initially wanted this. However, seeing that we've chosen it first, he stepped back *guilty*. Well, we all end up sharing anyway, so he did have his bite of it. Naturally, he declared this one his favourite.

Chocolate ganache sitting atop the raspberry layer with dark, maraschino cherry on top. Yeap, that's gold, flake-y crumbs, there. Ah, and that nice tart base. Who would have thought that chocolate and raspberry can go well together? Well, this one does. Slightly bitter and sweet, intertwined with a hint of tang.


Manjari chocolate cake

'Manjari' is short for Valrhona Manjari - where the cocoa beans originate from Madagascar, with 64% cocoa content. Yes, pretty bitter stuff but it sure taste awesome when whipped into a cake like this.

Manjari chocolate mousse that sandwich a layer of pretty tart lemon mousse. Yet another sweet-sour pairing. However, unlike the raspberry-chocolate pairing, the lemon flavour comes off as way too sour, giving it a somewhat jarring taste.

Well, I guess it takes some getting used to. By the 3rd forkful, my tongue had gotten used to the taste and it then start to blend well. Thankfully. Or it would have been such a waste of those fine chocolate mousse layers.

Chocolate fudge/mousse cake

One word came to mind, with the first taste of this: DECADENT.

Damn rich chocolate cake, I tell you. Dark chocolate... Mmmm....!

Don't be fooled by the term 'fudge'. It's not those cheapo chocolate fudge you get at your regular confectioneries. This is equivalent to a chocolate TRUFFLE cake. My fave!

We were initially eyeing this small, cylindrical cake with a glossy chocolate covering. Were told that it's called the Praline Mousse cake. The friendly lady at the counter told us that it's chocolate mousse with a layer of crunchy praline at the bottom. Sad to say, she added that those remaining 2 pcs have already been reserved. Okay.... I don't know that one can reserve cakes like that. Interesting service they have here. Rather personalised, eh?

The lady who took our order at the counter comes across as the proprietress of this little cafe. And true enough, when she was free, she came by to our table and enquired about the cakes. Really warm and friendly service.

When we were done with our cakes, our boss asked if we want to have their 'sticky buns'. STICKY buns?! I'm sorry, but only funny things come to mind when I hear that. I took a look and saw a tray loaded with what looked like large cinammon rolls, albeit more brownish looking.

She bought 3 of them anyway and remarked that, "These will be our breakfast tomorrow morning." As she made her payments, a group of boisterous working ladies came in, hung around the counter area and left before us.

As I looked back, I saw that the 2 'reserved' Praline Mousse cakes were gone. And only 1 'sticky bun' was left. Hmmm....

I checked B Bakery out on and found out just how popular those 'sticky buns' are! Apparently, they make a limited amount daily and one have to be truly lucky to get their hands on them. Besides selling out fast, there are people who call them up to make reservations, prior to heading there. Is that cool or what?!

And yes, those buns taste fabulous. And mind you, we consume them the morning after (heated, of course). Imagine how much better they would be, when eaten fresh? Unlike those common cinnamon rolls, where white sugar icing is used; here it's only brown sugar- inside and out. So it's the caramelised brown sugar that makes them buns, sticky.

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B Bakery
15 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199436

Tel: 6293 9010

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