Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Riverwalk Tandoor dinner buffet

At 5th Storey of Landmark Village Hotel (formerly Golden Landmark Hotel).

The plan to break fast with my old pals on the very last week of Ramadhan had been on for sometime. Somehow, being the last minute aficionados that we were; that very morning, we were still debating about where we should eat that evening.

In the end, we realised that we were on a pretty tight budget after all. We also want somewhere centrally located and we figured out that a buffet will be nice.

After hours of debating, it turn out that ALL of us were thinking of the SAME PLACE right from the start! Sheesh! -_-

This place was also the very same one where we break fast together, last year. I was around 7 months preggers then. I remembered that the food was warm and comforting. Just what one needs after a day of work & fasting.

Plain & Butter Naans

The naans here are free-flow. 3 flavours available - plain, butter & garlic. With each order, these will come piping hot from the kitchen and served to our table directly.

Garlic Naan

For each portion, every piece of naan will be quartered. We love these soft & fluffy naans (and sometimes with crispy edges) so much we don't really bother with the biryani rice.

Just these naans to soak up all the curries & sauces and wrap around all those veggies & meat. Yum.

Assorted dishes

(clockwise from top)
Gobi mutter masala - cauliflower & peas masala
Tandoori chicken that's totally covered with butter sauce
Cubes of paneer (Indian cheese) in butter masala gravy
(Bottom, with the curry leaves) Chicken in butter sauce (different from that of the paneer)
Fish masala
Mutton Korma

My favourite dish that night has got to be the paneer. Then again, I'm impartial to ANY paneer dishes. I LOVE paneer! The ultimate would have been palak paneer (cheese in spinach sauce).

That butter sauce that night was so creamy and smooth that I ladled some of the sauce over the tandoori chicken for added goodness (I'm weird like that). Even when the tandoori chicken had been good on its own.

And gobi. My favourite Indian vegetable dish has got to be anything with cauliflower. Especially aloo gobi masala (potato & cauliflower). In fact the soup-of-the-day had been this gobi soup, the flavour of which I accentuate with a good dose of chili powder. Really comforting.

Oh, the Butter Chicken was pretty good too. In fact, I'm loving any Indian dish with butter sauce as of now. Rich, creamy... Would have been good with rice, actually.

The fish was okayyyy only. The mutton was good, though. Really good. Meat was tender and not gamey. Plus the heavily spiced sauce goes really well with the naans. Shiok!

Also available on the sides were achar, papadums that would have gone well with the mixed raita & mint sauce.

For desserts, there were fruit custard (light custard with fruit cocktail), cuts of fresh fruits and the ever popular Gulab Jamun, a very sinful sweetmeat.

Extracted from wikipedia:
"... made of a dough consisting mainly of milk solids (often including double cream) and flour in a sugar syrup flavored with cardamom seeds and rosewater or saffron..."

Masala chai

I chose to end my meal with a cup of masala tea (not part of buffet) to wash down all that richness as I chat with my pals, post-meal.

A meal here never fail to make me really contented...

Online menu available HERE and HERE.

PS: Do try to come before 8pm on weeknights cos after that, busloads of Indian tourists will come and dine there. The queue down the buffet line is pretty outrageous during that period.


Anonymous said...

Does it have a halal certification or own by Muslim?

CT said...

Hi there,

I did enquire with them before and they replied -

"Dear Siti,
 Our food is halal we did MUIS function also in our restaurent i got latter from MUIS also our food is halal .

But they do serve liquor for the hotel guests, maybe that hinders them from an official halal certification. I've known of various Muslim wedding functions held there too.

Hope this helps. You can enquire directly with them too.