Friday, February 20, 2009

my Sunday breakfast

It all started on a day during the chinese new year holiday period, when my bro had asked that I send him to work.

Since he start work at 8am, I end up having much free time at that hour. So I ordered McD's breakfast at the drive-thru.

And had it wayyy near the end of East Coast Park, very near the lorry parking at Area F.

I sat cross-legged on one of the stone benches by the small road with music blasting from my car stereo.

It's funny that I'm looking at active, health-conscious people having their morning jog/cycle/walk and there I was, eating McD's BIG Breakfast. Oh, how nice.

Then I realised that's when I get to really languish in some 'me' time. Just me, myself & I with the sun, sand & sea... Aahhhhh...

I had always thought that I might not be able to do this EVER again, seeing that the only time that I can drive my car out on the weekends is on Sunday and I have my weekly appointments with my masseuse then.....

...Unless.... I get up early, that is. Then again, waking up early on Sunday will mean sending my bro to work... Then I have only around an hour to head to ECP, buy breakfast, have breakfast AND head to my masseuse's place.

What's a lil' sacrifice if it means that I have some time for myself..? Besides, do you know just how fun it is to hit the road on that hour on Sunday morning....? The ECP seems to be all mine! How often do you get the road to yourself like that? I can drive for more than a km in the KPE tunnel without seeing another vehicle on that stretch.

Anyway, whenever I end up being in a hurry, I just park head-first at the hawker centre carpark, where it's the nearest to the beach, hence a getting myself a good view. Then I just open all the windows and start feasting.

When I thought of taking pictures, I lost my camera.

When I already buy a new one and the weather was fine, I forgot the camera.

When I finally remembered the camera, the haze started. %&$#!

That particular day, my masseuse pushed the appointment an hour later than usual so I had ample time for a more leisurely breakfast. And photo-taking.

Beach in the morning (east).

Beach in the morning (west).

Darn the haze!

My breakfast by the beach (look, airplane!).

Sun, sand sea. Due to the haze, the sun didn't penetrate much, making it more comfortable to stay out. Or so I thought...

I later realised that there's a stark contrast (tan line) between my upper arm, which was covered and my lower arm, which was exposed. And I thought that the sun wasn't too bad. Pfft!

my BK breakfast.

I'm starting to favour this over McD's version. Must be those lil' hash browns. It's quite a delight to pop these into my mouth, one at a time. Such little bites!

a guy, warming up on the water-breaker.

This guy, he got nearer and nearer as he did his stretches to a point that it got a tad uncomfortable. A bit masochistic, this fella. Expect me to see his rippling muscles, is it?

couple, fishing

It's sweet isn't it? A couple in their golden years, enjoying some leisurely time, doing what they like together.

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