Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'hen' nite 01

Who would have thought that my 1st hen nite was with some guys...?

...Ok, ok. No sleaze involved :P

What..? They're my buddies, la.

Come to think of it, they did suggest having some (male) strippers over but I casually turned them down. Unless they can get me the F4 from the Korean version of Boy Over Flowers, I won't have any of it. Hah!

It's all good, clean fun (really!).

Having 3 guys 'serenade' you during a karaoke session was quite an experience, no?? Heh. More like, we were terrorising one another with our atrocious singing. Well, save for Kai, who's pretty experienced in karaoke-ing so he has pretty much honed his singing prowess.

The reason behind my voice's increasing pitch as the night gets later is still a mystery (it's true, it gets squeakier!). That means, singing at night should have been a big no-no for me.

It's quite a sight for the people outside, when they looked into our room and saw 3 guys and a girl singing/screaming + dancing/booty-shaking to Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive', ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' and more. Some of us had pizza in one hand and chicken drumlet in another.

And clumsy me had to spill some water on the floor, making the jig even more challenging what with it being slippery and all...

3 hours passed, just like that.

We then we trooped over to their fave haunt and I got down to yet another favourite pastime of mine, people-watching (more like 'cuci mata').

Reached home past 2am. Given a choice, I wanna reach home an hour later. Me thinks, driving at the wee hours of morning has got to be one of the greatest joys in my life.

Orang semua cakap, dah nak kahwin nie, 'darah manis' (whatever that means). Jangan balik lambat2x.

Apa-apa aja lah...

And what's a hen-night without a (sneaky+cheeky+thoughtful) gift? Thanks many many for that $100 voucher, guys! To Blush! no less.

They had wanted to buy the stuff itself but dun wanna risk getting the wrong size. Haha!

Oh, many thanks to Agil for not forgetting me when he brought back souvenirs from Turkey. The bag he made himself was sooo pretty that I have to keep it. Sooo sayang!

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