Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The bedroom set finally arrived at MOH's palce last saturday.

Seeing it already being set up there... well, the feeling sank in somehow. You know... the one that says, "Hey, you ARE getting married..!"

That's MY bed there. That wardrobe will eventually house my clothes... That master bedroom (that the parents insisted on giving up for us) will be MY room....

And the feeling..? It's sad.

Cos my parents came along and they were there looking at the daughter's new bedroom in a place that's not OUR home. Their daughter's OWN bed. OWN bedroom. Albeit having to share it with a certain someone, of course.

Those who know me well, will understand the significance of the above paragraph...

Ok, ok. Back to happier things.

It was really hot that day. Braved the glaring sun, I looked up to see this.

Cloudless sky.

No wonder! I imagine the night will be sooo cold with a sky like this. Just like in the deserts.

Beautiful, nonetheless.

Which brings to mind the song that's playing over and over in my head since I watched the movie.

Heavenly Day OST Sky of Love -

The soundtrack to the Japanese movie, Sky of Love - Koizora.

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