Thursday, February 12, 2009


Almost spent the remainder of last night bawling my eyes out. Well, not that I was being emo or anything (which I'm pretty much prone to, nowdays).

It's really amazing, how such a beautiful movie can be so sad. And how a sad movie can be so... beautiful.

**Spoilers ahead!

I ask you, huh...

A: When someone is dying, and writes a diary, what will it be about?
B: And if that dying person keeps a camera, what pictures will he take?

A: His lover. He wrote about what she's doing, what he saw her doing.... Anything and everything about her.
B: Oh you get the drift. It's obviously ALL her in the camera. Her while sleeping. While laughing. And candid shots taken when she's unaware. Oh, and her with the sky as the backdrop.

There was nothing about himself that he recorded. Funnily enough. None.

Hiro: Where do humans go after they die?
Mika: Heaven.
Hiro: I want to be the sky. So I always know where you are (and protect you).
Mika: Like a stalker.
[Hiro smiles]
Mika: Clear skies will mean you are happy. A rainy day will mean you are crying. Sunset means you are embarrassed (blushing). A night sky will mean you are gently holding me....

It's all about the sky.

Now I can never look at the sky the same way again...

I need to comment on the the lead actor's hair here (which made him pretty famous then). It may make him look cool and all but dark hair suit him better, la.

There's this thing about plantinum blonde hair that kinda draw me to these guys. Even.... Eminem. Geez.

My faves so far..... 3 different nationalities, even.

Haruma Miura
Actor (Lead in 'Koizora')

Hankyung/Han Gung
Singer (from Korean Boyband, Super Junior)
yes, u read right. Chinese guy in Korean band.

Singer (from Korea's no. 1 boyband, DBSK)

So who looks the coolest..? Take your pick!

Over and out!

Dark hair for him. Definitely.

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