Friday, February 13, 2009

oh random!

Today is Friday the 13th.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

Something sinister this way comes.... My bloody valentine??

What...? Just being random! Pfft!
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Another thing...

Singapore just lost a long weekend due to the change of Deepavali date! Aaargh!

SINGAPORE : Deepavali is on October 17 this year, not on November 15 as announced earlier.

The Manpower Ministry said that the Hindu Endowments Board has advised that between mid-October and mid-November, there is a rare occurrence of two "no moon" days (amavasai).

The earlier Deepavali date of November 15 was based on the second "no moon" day.

The Indian Almanac has now confirmed that Deepavali will be on the first "no moon" day of October 17.

Since Deepavali is no longer on November 15 - which is a Sunday - Monday, November 16, is not a public holiday.

Instead, October 17 will be gazetted as a public holiday.

Every year, when public holidays are announced, the Deepavali date is announced subject to confirmation when the Almanac is available. - CNA/ms

And 17th October falls on Saturday. Holidays on Saturday is such a waste!!
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Oh ya....

Many many congratulations to my cousin Fatimah Zahrah for passing her driving test at the FIRST attempt! Proud, you know!

*pops confetti*

So I know now, who will be delegated the job to ferry my foreign relatives around on the 6th-8th March later!

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