Wednesday, February 04, 2009

3 days are up...!

I'm so gonna get that missing camera replaced!

Sent my pageboy bro just now, to recce a good price for the model I want and poor him had to navigate thru' various vendors offering various prices with various freebies.

Goodness knows how many calls he made and messages sent to me as he got new info with every shop he enquired at.

Either no stock, price high but with many freebies, price low with minimal freebies or the lowest price with no freebie but out of stock.

Thankfully, my colleague Jim (the photog) was around and being the practical person he was, managed to convince me that it's best to get the one with low price & no freebie, seeing that the total cost of all the freebie still doesn't justify the price offered by the other shops with freebies.

Confused..? Me too. Especially when I'm a person who get enticed by freebies easily. Who doesn't..???

But huh, that idiotic uncle-vendor at one shop in Funan offering the lowest price is damn buruk siku (malay idiom: someone who takes back what he already offered/give). He already gave such a good price and I told my bro to take it but it's currently out of stock.

Ok, fine. I don't mind going back there when the stock arrive later this week. But he saw that my bro was really interested in getting that cam, but on behalf of someone else. And he figured out about my bro's minimal knowledge when it comes to cameras.

And so, like an eagle going for its prey, he swop into action.

He immediately did an about turn and then sought to convince my bro that the model he wanted was a very OLD model (it's not VERY old, just that there's a newer version out), that the features weren't good (erm, 12mp, 5x optical zoom, up to ISO 12800 at 3 megapixels etc.. not good?), quality not good (I think the various good reviews can attest agaist that) etc etc...

He then tried so hard to convince my bro that there's this other model that is definitely much better bla bla bla...

Not surprisingly, the latter costs much more, la. *&^%$#@!

This trick-of-the-trade is just all familiar. That happened the last time I wanted to buy the Nikon S8. Somewhere along the line, I was coaxed into buying the Olympus, which supposedly had more or less the same specs, the price is similar... bla bla bla.

Of course they threw in some freebies. And the rest, as they say, was history.

I guess I'm the only silly one who'll buy an Olympus over the Nikon. Photogs all over will gladly give me a knock on the head. What was I thinking??!

Olympus cameras suck. And I learnt it the hard way.

By owning one.

So now, lesson learnt, I bought the very camera my photog colleague bought (and lost-kena stolen!). I trust his taste, really. And given the reviews, I guess no harm done, here.

I wanna a good one for my wedding and honeymoon. And one of you lucky few will have the honour to go around with my camera on my big day weekend and take whatever shots you please. Especially candid moments that I will definitely miss out on.

Just don't forget to include me in it. I'm supposed to be the highlight that weekend, no?

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