Sunday, February 08, 2009


I ain't got that much time to read the manual for my new cam. Seriously, I ought to. A different brand with more features (mostly hidden), it's what I need to do to get really acquainted with my new baby.

The one time I tried reading it, I actually SLEPT after a few flips of the pages. The last time that happened was when I read another manual. I seriously am not a manual-sorta' person, la. That's why I only discovered this-and-that functions on my previous cam only after 1 year of owning it. And it's usually when another person used it and pointed them out to me... pfft!


And now, most of the details on the camera features are in pdf format so I have to load the given cd-rom to view it. **more laziness ensues....

So I just tinkle around with the buttons and dials (not that there's much anyway).

And discovered this..!

note the texture of my bro's facial complexion.

All I did was to switch to the next available mode.

voila! a smooth complexion.

Nope, not photoshopped. Looks like works done for magazine shots, doesn't it? Ah, the beauty of face recognition... Me like!

Now, it's time to check the macro mode.

I have been much awed by the 'super-macro' mode of the Olympus. Yes, I may have slammed the credibilty of that brand but it's does give good shots with good light (which cam doesn't?). And the super-macro mode is what drew me to be a budding 'flogger'.

I have to tolerate some unnecessary image noise, at times. Especially with group pics, which can be pretty frustrating. I mean, group pics are supposed to turn out well, for memories sake! Darn the 'indoor' mode!

Yeah, so I used the base of a rug as object. I need to see how the textures of the weaving will appear.

taken with flash.

without flash.

Kinda' liked it. Seems good enough for for me.

And lastly.. how can I miss this one out...?

Food pics.

it did turn out... nice. but something seems lacking.

Darn! I wish my other cam when with me when I took that shot so that I can make a comparison! Aargh!

I tried to increase the contrast but I can't do much before the image noise became too obvious. Need to try on bigger platters instead of a single, small object.

Oh, that Portugese egg tart was something that I've been yearning for since last week. Sri, my colleague can vouch for that. Kept mentioning it when I got bored in the office.

Was taken by surprise when mum offered to get this for me at Tesco Extra (Plentong, JB). I mean, she's been watching my diet so far and for her to offer me these sinful stuff...?

How can I resist..? Oooh, that flaky pastry base. And that deep, rich taste of the cream.... I miss crème brûlée, suddenly. Geez..! The things you yearn for when you're watching what you eat...!

Aaaah...! Nvm... A few more weeks.. Only a few more weeks and I'm gonna have all I want on my honeymoon! Heheh!

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