Sunday, February 15, 2009

nada sou sou

I feel like these japanese movies are making my tears seem cheap somehow. The way they flow so freely when watching these shows...

I had always wanted to watch this movie for 1 reason: It starred Satoshi Tsumabuki, one of my fave Japanese actor, both for looks and talent.

Sue & Sri, remember when we were in HK, I never failed to stop in front of the Nada Sou Sou posters whenever I saw them in the MTR stations? To think that I only remember to watch it now.

I didn't think much about this movie. All I know that it's about a bro and sister and their struggle to live.

Turns out there's more to it than meets the eye.

A story that start on a somber note, then become upbeat and lively. And then it went back down into the shadows. Even then, I didn't expect such an ending.

It's like being thrust forward into the path of an oncoming truck, the headlights blinding you. And the next thing you feel is just pain. Lots of it.

Imagine how hard I cried. Sigh, I'm becoming more and more emo like that. Know what? Go and watch the movie if you want. I assure you it's good.

Here's the ending that made me broke down. It had to be that song, la. Despite it being a tradional Japanese music, I was just soooo drawn to that poignant singing. The strain in the singer's voice just tells you how much sadness and pain is in that song.

This is a quote from a youtube user:
"Imagine someone sacrificed a lot for you.
You owed em (sic) a lot but by the time you wish cherish and show gratitude and love, that person died."

There's English subtitles. Read it. And get the tissues ready.

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