Monday, February 09, 2009

like 2nd hari raya liddat

('hari raya' is Malay for Eid- the Muslim holiday).

Really..! In fact I think it's worse this time.

Yesterday, after my lulur (Indonesia body scrub) & massage session ended at 1130 and all the way till 2300, I went to visit 11 different houses with my parents. ELEVEN.

Thankfully, they were constrained within the Jurong-Choa Chu Kang (western) region.

I was so darn tired and stuffed that I refused to go to the last 2 houses and remained in the car instead. Most of the houses, we just spring a surprise and call on them without informing in advance, fearing that they'll prepare something (the beauty of the Malay culture). Even then, all that tea and coffee almost made me sick.

Funny huh..? The bride-to-be herself sending out the wedding invites...?

Thankfully there were no more elders on my dad's side. Cos' my mums side is just so full of them! And it's only right that we pay them due respect and hand out the invites to them personally. Seeing how touched they were by our gesture beats all that inconvenience and hassle.

Funnily, some of them even remarked, "You shouldn't be going out much now..." (it's like a taboo in the Malay culture for the bride-to-be to go out at night or even go out much when her wedding looms near).

Haha. Yeah right! I still have 2 hen-nights to go to. And I doubt I'll be home early after that. And not counting the nights I've been keeping, working late at the office....

Seeing how excited they were, brings to mind the fact that I'm pretty much still listness, as a bride-to-be. MOH and I, we aren't anxious, despite it being less than a month to the big day. Well, not yet anyway...

Maybe because our parents are the ones playing the major role in this event.

My mum just brought on the issue of where I'll be staying right after the wedding. Both of us had assumed that we'll just return straight to his place (my future home), seeing that my 3-room flat won't really be able to accomodate us 5 comfortably.

Many remarked that brides usually stayed on at her own home for a certain period but I brushed that aside. Little do I expect that my mom held to that belief too. I didn't know it but it's meant to be a transition period for the bride to get accustomed to married life while still comfortably in the midst of her own family.

The bride's family will slowly learn to her let go as she moves on to a new life with a new family and they continue to live on without her presence in that house.

omg. Why and I crying as I type this? I can't see the screen through these tears...

ANYWAY... So this morning, I overheard my mum's conversation with my future mum-in-law and the way it sounds, my mum seems to be negotiating for me to remain at home for a month or so.

I had to bring this up to MOH cos' we've discussed about this and we safely assumed that to return to his place straightaway will be best. So I gingerly informed him about our mums' conversation.

Thankfully, he replied positively, "Oh, anyway I didn't mind. After honeymoon den (sic) we stay at ur house 4 a while, k."

Alhamdulillah. Boy, am I so glad that he's capable of blowing me away with his maturity and comprehensible understanding sometimes.

I'm still thinking about whre my parents and bro will be sleeping in that small flat of mine.... Guess where there's a will, there's a way. I believe my mum will think of something...

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