Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zahrah's belated b-dae 'bash'

Ok, yeah. About the 'other' cake....

Sue and I, we had collaborated with another cousin, Ate (ah-ti) to plan a (very) belated birthday surprise for Imah. There's always a birthday celebration of sorts on every New Year (the first 100 to be born on that decade!), seeing that it's a public holiday and everyone was able to make time for it. This year however, that event was absent somehow.

Even though this celebration was 23 days late, at least it's still on the same month. Will do.

The plan was to bring her to Marina Barrage post-dinner and venture to the roof garden, where we'll 'accidentally' bump into Ate & family. Ate will be the one bringing the cake.

And so we tried to look for Ate & family in that dimly lit place, while trying to act cool at the same time, like we're not anticipating anything.

"Eh, what are you doing here?!"

"Just chilling with my family. You guys just arrive? Where were you from?"
"Oh, we had dinner at Marina Square and came here to check out the place."

"Wow, never expect to see you here!"

Yeah right..!

Of course Imah got suspicious but we convinced her that it was all a coincidence. Sometime later, I took her further down for some 'photo-taking' while Sue and Ate get the cake ready.

Imah had this inkling that something sneaky was going on and strutted back to where Ate was.


The lighting was sooo dim there that we have to shine a torch on it to see what the cake looked like.

Chocolate Marquise cake from Prima Deli.

Yes, that strawberry belonged to the centre... Can see the imprint, can you?

Cake cutting

Since we're too shy (ahaks!) to sing a proper birthday song in public, Ate played one from her handphone, a pre-recorded version that's sung by her little daughter.

Real cute!

Nah kau! (Take that!)

The obligatory 'feeding' ceremony followed by....


....Some chocolate cream facial.

Now, stick out you tongue and lick around your lips.. What as waste of good cream! Hah!

Despite leaving the place at midnight, it was still teeming with people, young and old alike. In fact, as I drove out of the car park, I see more driving in!

Guess it's another new 'night haunt' for Singaporeans on weekends. I wonder what time they sleep. Those kids especially...

Have you been to the airport past midnight on weekends? The whole place is like a heee-yuuge playground! Most of the kids are in their PJs, rolling around the floor (I know Changi Airport is very clean but...)

I guess the parents want them to tire them out and just tuck them into bed upon reaching home...

Next are pics that I've taken while I was goofing around with the camera's night mode.

The setting at Marina Barrage, what with the dim surroundings and lots of colourful spot lighting. It's a good location to get funky effects in the photos taken, due to the slow shutter speed (esp. with the Olympus).

That's actually Imah in the background. Her face totally covered by the light 'squiggles'.

Those colourful spotlights in the dark fountain was such a delight to play around with.

One of my favourite shots. That's my cousin Sakinah being my candid 'model'.

Have yet to try this on my new cam. Gotta see if I can get the same results, if not better.... But the shutter speed in night mode is a tad fast so I'm not sure about that.

Have to tinker around, I guess...

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