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Gold Coast : Airplane food

Ok, back to food-blogging after a week (or so) of hiatus. And boy, do I have pics to share!

I've divided them pics into various parts and decide to start with everyone's (not-so) favourite... Who likes airplane food anyway? Especially when you're in the cattle economy class.

To make it even more mediocre, we have to settle for the Muslim Meals, therefore there's no choosing between this and that. Everything's fixed. It's pretty redundant for the cabin crew to hand us the menu, really. Pfft.

Our Singapore Airlines flight to Brisbane lasted for around 7hrs 40mins so we get 2 different meals. A main meal and some refreshments.


Our flight took off at 12.40am and I don't really have high hopes for a proper meal to be served at that late hour so I was surprised to see this.

Late dinner/supper

It was past 1am when I receive this tray of food. The thought of eating at this hour doesn't appeal to me much but the food was warm and the aroma hit me instantly.

Fried rice with black pepper beef. Sides consist of a small bowl of salad greens with shrimps and 'risoni' pasta with vinaigrette on the side, a packet of Khong Guan biscuits, a bun/roll with butter & a small slab of cheddar cheese.

The fried rice came off as a tad dry to me and the frozen mixed vegetable was quite a turn-off. The beef, however, was pretty good. So I tore my bun, slather on some butter and stuffed the meat inside. Then I took the cheddar cheese, cut it into smaller pieces and stuff that in as well, including some salad greens.

Now, THAT is awesome stuff..! :)))

They handed me a tray of 'post-weaning meal' for my 13 mth-old son but he was already in dreamland so I asked them to keep it in the food warmer temporarily. Totally forgot about it, eventually. What a waste! I wonder what they served him... Pfft.


They initially gave us a menu and I read that they serve ice-cream for dessert.

I had expected a small scoop or even a small cup of that. So imagine my surprise to see them coming by with a basket filled with these Kit Kat drumsticks!

2am or not, I wallop my dessert, anyway.

(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza

They serve breakfast sometime after 6am.

It was a simple affair with a similar bun/roll with some spreads and muffin plus some fruits. My son had a small box of cereal (honey stars) with fresh milk and muffin.


Our return leg was an afternoon flight and we missed lunch before departing so we were kinda' looking forward to the in-flight meals (sad, we know...).


Somehow, this meal doesn't really appeal to me much. The yellow rice (please don't tell me that's supposed to be biryani) appeared a tad dry and the curried meat doesn't help much either.

I ate the spiced stir-fried veggies only because I love veggies. Looks pretty sad, really.

The small dish at the corner had some salad greens, slices of cucumber and some cherry tomatoes. There's a packet of Italian salad dressing on the side. Another dish had some cut fruits, mainly melons.

That squarish bun on bottom-left was pretty delightful, actually. It was really soft and slightly hollow inside, akin to 'jenny-cake/janekek'. The only spread given was margarine.

Post-weaning meal for my son

Now this is a meal that I would love for myself.

My son had mac 'n' cheese and chicken in some sweet-oriental sauce. There's also a packet of potato chips (already taken by my mum) and a small bar of Milky Way (I eventually ate that). He had the similar bread roll with margarine & jam. And there's also chocolate cake!

Doesn't his meal appear more appealing to you?!

The food portion was too big for a 1 year-old so his mum (that yours, truly) was more than willing to help him finish it up. The chicken fillet was battered and fried before mixed with this sweet soy sauce that carried a hint of gingery taste.

And the chocolate cake was pretty moist and had this rich chocolate taste. I wonder if this was actually a 'lava cake' before it became cold. My son actually loved it (I shared with him :P).


At least, I'm not caught by surprise when they serve the drumstick, this time. But this Australian version here seem less fancy as compared to the Kit Kat one.

And this one here is served in the afternoon, not past midnight.

(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

Sometime after 6pm, they started serving the refreshments, snacks. Once again, we were in the dark with regards to our dish since the Muslim meals doesn't really appear on the menu.

It was 2 sticks of chicken kebabs covered with sauce that looks like a mix of roasted tomatoes, red peppers and onion chunks. The chicken meat was generally tasteless so one have to scoop them up with the slightly watery sauce. Not that very easy to do when you are all belted up due to turbulence. I used up my packet of pepper on these.

My son's refreshment was mashed potato with sweetcorn kernels and chicken nuggets. Sounds good, eh?

Why is it that the kiddie meals seem more enticing to me?

There you go. My airplane meals to and from Brisbane. Anyone there who start loving in-flight meals after reading this?

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