Friday, February 18, 2011

Gold Coast : Sea World

Went to Sea World on our 5th day at Gold Coast. As you can see, the sky was almost cloudless. Imagine the heat coming through!

Dolphin Lagoon

There used to be 3 Halal-certified establishments in Sea World alone. Somehow, the park went through a re-vamp and I can no longer find 2 of those restaurants.

The Paradise Room Restaurant was located near the main entrance and it seemed to offer international buffet (gotta be pricey!). Now it's no longer there. Tucked away behind the Monorail station, used to be the Broadwater Café. No longer there, too. These 2 names also disappear from the 'Dining' listings in their official website.

The Plaza
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

Thankfully, Plaza Food Court is still around. The location is pretty centralised in the park, at the Plaza.

This is a fast food outlet so expect stuff like burgers and fries chips. At least that is considered affordable... Oh, you can't imagine how expensive the food there is.

What we ordered

Sri's fish & chips

The rest of us ordered this

This may be Sea World and they have dolphins here. Contrary to the design of the wrapper, we were NOT eating dolphin burgers. Fish burger, yes. Dolphin, no.

And dolphin is not a fish, even.

The pretty big burger
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

The pretty sizable fish fillet came sandwiched between pretty big & soft buns, with lettuce, tomato and tartare sauce. Good thing it's that big. Cos' even these burgers aren't cheap.

It felt weird to have no sauce to dip the chips into. So I went in and recce the various sauces they have. There were ketchup, BBQ and tartare. Nope, no chilli. They came in pretty small containers and cost 65cts each. Oh, heck!

I got the BBQ and tartare anyway. I'm someone who needs her sauce!

A tale of 2 souvenir flasks

While at Movie World, I was determined to get myself this souvenir flask to bring back to Singapore and use it at my office.

Filled it up with Sprite and was told that I can also bring it to Sea World and refill for only $2.95 (the flask cost $5). I was excited at the thought and imagined bringing that flask along when I head to Sea World the very next day.

Until my son saw it and insist on playing with it. Thankfully it's already empty. So I let him be. Then he threw it to the ground. It was fine until my mum saw water dripping from the bottom corner. Oops.

He then played with the straw. Only until I'm back at the apartment did I realise that he no longer have the straw in his hand. Pfft!

When my mum bought my fish burger at Plaza Food Court in Sea World, she surprised me by buying another flask. :))) And I made sure it stayed out of my son's sight, this time.

And when I refilled it with 'Lift' (really great-tasting carbonated Lemonade) at the drinks kiosk, I saw this cool-looking strap meant to hold the flask and I bought it, so that I don't have to carry the flask around in my hand.

I guess you already figure out what happened, huh?

Yeap, somehow the bl**** strap gave way and my dear flask dropped to the ground. This time the water didn't just drip out of the crack. It literally GUSHED out of the HOLE! Huhu...

Eventually didn't bother to bring this back to Singapore. Firstly, they're broken. 1 without a straw, even. Secondly, I can't find the space for them in my luggage! Pfft...!

And please, don't let me tell you the story about the 2 scoops of ice-cream... :'(

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