Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gold Coast : Oz.han Kebabs

Whenever I ask peeps who have been to Gold Coast, what is it that they eat or where they dine at, I keep getting similar replies. Kebabs.

It seems that kebabs are the most common Halal food you can get abroad. By 'abroad', I mean Western countries. Pretty scary, actually. So I sourced online for possible Halal eats in and around Gold Coast just to make sure that we'll have a variety of eats when we're there.

After our trip to the Movie World we ended up pretty tired and hungry, so I thought of hitting up a kebab joint and take-away some, to be eaten in the comfort of our rented apartment. In my list for Halal-eats, I have 3 different branches of Origin Kebabs. So we gun straight for the one nearest to our apartment (at Mermaid Waters).

We keyed in the address into the GPS and drove on. It wasn't long before we sensed something amiss. We seem to be getting closer and closer to a residential neighbourhood. And it wasn't long before we actually end up in front of someone's house and the GPS audio went, "Location: on the left." Wth.

We never gave up hope so we keyed in the next nearest address for Origin Kebabs (at Hooker Boulevard). All seemed well at first, until the same thing happened. Yes, the GPS lead us to somebody's house! By then the impatience and hunger almost made us hopping mad, as we frantically scan our list, the GPS and the web (thru 3G) find the next possible location. Ali Baba Kebabs at Surfers Paradise.

This time, we weren't directed to somebody's house but that restaurant was non-existent! There, we saw other restaurants but we can't verify if they're Halal and were not on our list. Oh, the frustration!

Then I recall seeing a kebab shop in front of Woolworth's supermarket at Oasis Shopping Centre, a mall very close to our apartment. Good thing also, cos' we need to replenish our groceries.

And that's how we end up here, at Oz.han Kebabs.... So the very 'drama', huh? And yeah we eventually dined here cos' we're ravenous.

(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

display for fillings
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

(L-R) Shredded lettuce & onions. Cheese and parsley + couscous mix (add-ons). Beautifully arranged sliced tomatoes. Romaine lettuce leaves. Tahini garlic sauce and hummus (in trays). Bottles and bottles of sauces and lumps of fried falafel for vegetarian kebab options.

hot chocolate
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

Ordered for Sri's hubby.

(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

Both my colleagues ordered a set of fries chips each, without realising that the serving was rather big. Yes, 1 paper bag full of chips. For AUD4.95.

These came out piping hot, as they we fried only upon order.

Sri's kebab
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

Roza's kebab
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

My kebab

What, too far you say?

Closer Look

The very fickle me had a hard time choosing the fillings for mine and my mum's kebabs. Eventually settled for chicken meat for my mum and mixed meats of beef & mutton for me. I chose the Doner rolls for us.

Then there were the sauces. They have like, 8 different sauces?! Tomato, BBQ, Hummus & Tahini Garlic, Sour Cream, Mayonnaise, Sweet Chili and Hot Chilli. I, or course, chose the exotic ones. Hummus. My mum wants the Tahini garlic. I eventually asked for both.

Then there are the add-ons. I so wanted to add both the cheese and the parsley & couscous mix but they were a tad generous with the meats and after the generic lettuce, tomato & onions, I realise there really wasn't any space for cheese. The lady had a hard time rolling my kebabs, what more when she had to put them in between the hot iron press.

Needless to say, my kebab roll came out to be big. I felt like a greedy lass as I first start to bite into it. What more when I was really ravenous by then. And it taste so darn good!

I wonder if there are kebab shops like this in Singapore? More options for meats or even falafel? With various sauces? And the couscous or cheese add on? Is there?

I miss the kebabs there already... :(

PS: I've already reported the wrong addresses for Origin Kebabs to, where I got my info initially. They'll verify the address again. Meanwhile, the actual (and correct addresses are listed below).

Oz.han Kebabs
Ground Floor, Shop 69 (opp. Woolworth's supermarket)
Oasis Shopping Centre
Broadbeach Mall, Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach
Phone: 07 5570 4750

Origin Kebabs
1- Westside- Ground Flr, near cinema
2- Arcade- 1st Flr, at Food Court
Pacific Fair Shopping Mall
Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach
QLD 4218

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