Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gold Coast : Movie World

We head down to Movie World on the 4th day (also known as Universal Studios, here in S'pore).

Soon after as we were in, my colleague and I got pretty excited at the sight of this churros cart. Really missed my churros. Seems like I get to have it only when I watch movies. And I hardly watch movies nowadays. :(

The churros cart

The churros were served piping hot. It seemed like they coat the cinnamon sugar on, only upon ordering. I also purchased the chocolate dipping (yes, $2 is really pricey). Got a small tub for that. After my 1st 2 dips, I gave the dipping away because it tasted too milky for my liking. The churros taste better on its own, actually.

Had our lunch at this Halal-certified restaurant located inside there - Rick's Cafe Americain.

And I thought that was a fictional restaurant that exist only in the famed film, 'Casablanca'. Well, it does show in its decor. How the interior had these Moroccan touches here and there. Seemed a lil' clich├ęd, though.

It's said that another eatery there, Gotham City Cafe, is Halal. but I can't seem to find any signs/notices declaring it.

The Entrance
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

The reception/cashier
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

Check out the unique ceiling fan contraption!

part of the salad & dessert bar
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

part of the hot food spread
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

I can't really say that there were a lot of varieties but I'd say that they kinda' suffice.

And pretty much of those in the hot food spread seemed... Asian. Not surprising, I guess. Seeing that this restaurant is Halal, most of their customer base might be Muslims from the likes of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore. And most of the folks in tour groups seem to hail from China. So I guess that's why.

closer look at the hot food spread
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

Hot foods range from (in pic, above) vegetable lasagna, fried noodles, garlic bread, 'chap chye' (chinese stir-fried mixed veggies), fries (or chips) and penne with cream sauce.

There's also (not in pic) fried spring rolls, meat curry, fried chicken, 'Poffertjes' (Mini Dutch pancakes), nachos chips (with chili beans and guacamole dips!), deep-fried battered fish and roast beef with brown sauce.

(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

Yes, 'keropok' (malay crackers, made with usually prawn or fish) galore. With chili sauce, even. Just too bad, they weren't fried that well. Right beside it is the bread basket.

corn soup

And yes, there's also corn soup. Something which I forgot to mention.

Seemed a lil' watered down. There are bits of sweet corn kernels inside, with egg beaten in. My son kinda' like it.

my salad plate

Cold pasta salad, mixed salad greens, cherry tomatoes with french dressing & croutons and potato salad. They have coleslaw but it seemed that the Aussies' way of preparing that wasn't really to my liking.

my plate of hot foods

Since I have my son to look after, I can't really afford to make many rounds so I try to dump many items onto my plate.

I have fries and nachos chips topped with chili beans & guacamole. Then there's the undercooked veggie lasagna. I also took the fried battered fish strips with chili sauce. A generous serving of roast beef slices with brown gravy. And finally, penne with cream sauce, which I shared with my son.

I didn't really expect to eat buffet while I'm here so I was pretty much caught by surprise. It sure help, the fact that we were tired and hungry on that hot day. But the food there was ok-ok only. More like, "Jack of all trades, Master of none."

And oh, desserts were basically cut fruits and flavoured creams. No, NOT ice-cream. Just... cream. Maybe clotted cream. Oh, I don't know!

In fact, I almost thought them to be melted ice-cream, since they weren't placed in a freezer or something.... Pfft!

Price is around AUD 24.90 for adults, I think. Hmm... somewhere around that price range.

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