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Gold Coast : Home-cooked part II



boiled egg sambal
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

My mum prepared some rice porridge for my 13 month-old son and also set aside a small amount of white rice for breakfast.

These boiled eggs sambal (chili paste) was a dish meant to be eaten with the white rice.

cheesy tuna toasts
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

On the left, we re-use left over french toast from the previous breakfast and also white bread, spread some tuna on them, sprinkle some cheese and grill them.



For the life of me, I can't recall what we have for breakfast that day. Somehow, no one took pics, even.


Spices & herbs

Just some stuff we bought at the supermarket. We also bought ground ginger and chili that come in tubes (ala facial wash). Very cool, I'd say.

And contrary to popular belief, we CAN get chili sauce in their supermarkets. We bought Indofood 'Very Hot' chili sauce, even.


(clockwise from top) Salad, cream sauce & boiled pasta.

We finished up the remaining ditalini pasta from the day before and add on a new type of pasta that we also bought out of curiousity, mezzi rigatoni.

Creamy ditalini & mezzi rigatoni pasta

At the end of the day, we prefer the ditalini pasta over the mezzi rigatoni. Maybe because of its much chewy texture.

We didn't use even a bit of salt for this. Most of the ingredients used here are already salty on their own. The cured meats, the cheeses...

Tangy salad
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

My mum's special salad. Eversince I got married and moved in with my in-laws, I never got to have this again.

Coriander, sliced onions, red bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. Surprisingly, she can't find lemons so she bought pineapple instead.

Awesome stuff!



Woke up to find these on the table...

Choose your fave egg style
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

My mum must have been eager to finish up the eggs we bought. Each one of us got an egg, we just need to choose which one.

I took the sunny-side up.

'Indomie' Goreng
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

Bought these at the supermarket a few days back.

Even this instant noodle taste light, even with seasonings. We have to add some chili sauce for more taste. What's up with the Aussies, eh?


Fried chicken
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

Bought this chicken at Mt. Lebanon Deli.

Marinated it the night before with ginger & chili paste (from the tubes), garlic and salt.

Chicken soup
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

My mum cooked this. Very refreshing, especially since we were so exhausted from all that shopping.

She used the potatoes that we bought there. And garnished with lotsa parsley. Really delish!

Very cheesy salad
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

Since it's our last night, we need to finish off the cheese we've bought. So I dump them into this salad.

Salad greens with tomatoes and red bell pepper. Cheddar, Parmesan and feta cheese. Seasoned with extra hot chili sauce and black pepper.

Desserts - fresh fruits
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

My mum was delirious when she saw fresh figs being sold there. Also got some rock melons and papaya to help with her.. erm.. bowel movements.

The figs were surprisingly, not as sweet as I want it to be. Those tiny seeds that seem crunchy in the dried ones, were surprisingly soft here (looks a lot like 'alien bits', if you ask me).

Desserts - Krispy Kreme donuts!
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

Ahh... how can I resist, when I pass by their shop everytime I'm at Pacific Fair shopping mall...?

My chance to have them fresh! I almost went bonkers trying to choose only 6 pcs out of the many many varieties in the display.

(from top left) Choc Raspberry, Strawberries & Creme, Choc Custard Filled, Cinnamon and a pair of their famous Original Glazed. All are good! The raspberry jam rocks. So does the custard. My fave is still the original.

I saw their Glazed Devil's Food (mudcake) doughnut on their website. How come I didn't see it there?!



We shopped at Pacific Fair mall the day before. When my mum told me that we've ran out of bread for breakfast, I had a tough time choosing from the array of generic breads in the supermarket. All their breads have at least 20 slices and each of their slices are ticker than ours here. And bigger too. Plus the 5 of us will only eat that for breakfast before flying off in the afternoon.

It was then I remembered the freshly baked breads that I've been eyeing since day one, in one of the bakeries there. Immediately rushed there and saw, to my delight, poppy seed buns. We can't get those in Singapore!

I bought a bag with 2 sesame and 2 poppy seed buns and add on another 2 poppy seed buns. We can have 1 bun each and another 1 to spare!

(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

We need to finish off the food in the fridge so we pan-fry the remaining seasoned meats. We also caramelise some onions. Toast the buns with some cheese, put the meats, onions, some greens and drizzle some chili sauce.

Great stuff!

What's the deal with them poppy seeds again? I can't figure out what the taste was. I mopped up the fallen seeds at the bottom of the bag and I don't taste anything. Pfft!

And so we've come to the end of my Gold Coast food adventures (yeah right!). It's been really nice, reminiscing good memories as I type my entries.

Next up... back to Singapore food!

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