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Gold Coast : Nando's


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Peri-peri sauce - (L-R) Medium, Extra Hot & Hot

4pcs. BBQ thigh pieces

I wanted to get something that's suitable for my little boy and they recommended this. This, in fact is my favourite. These tender, little thigh fillets were marinated with this really tasty sweet sauce (maybe honey?) and grilled.

Naturally, my son can't finish all so I'm more than happy to gobble up the remaining bits.

We were really famished when we were there so we must have let our hungry bellies rule over our heads. We ordered the Family Feast for the 5 of us (excluding my son). That was listed as, "Peri-fic for 6-8 people."

The set consists of two whole flame-grilled chickens & one 'seriously-large' chips. Over in Down Under, their portions are naturally bigger. If 'large' portion is already quite sizable, what about the 'seriously-large'? *faints*

Seriously Large chips

That picture don't do it justice. That seriously was a huge bowl there. And their fries chips are long and thick, too.

Grilled chicken no. 1

Since there were 2 chickens in the set that we ordered, we chose for them to be basted with 2 different Peri-peri sauces.

This one here is the Mild sauce.

Grilled chicken no. 2

And this one here is basted with the Hot sauce. Maybe it's not clear here but we can see that the tone is more orange-y.

Honestly, I much prefer the Mild sauce cos' it seems more flavourful as compared to the Hot one, which somewhat numbed my tastebud. It was pretty fiery at the first few bites; after which, it starts to get easier on the tongue.

I totally dig the charred ends. And how tender the grilled meat is.

Not surprisingly, we can't finish the chicken so we doggy-bag them back to our apartment. The next night, we re-fry the meat with mushrooms and stuffed them into Lebanese breads with salad greens, cheese, cherry tomatoes to make our own grilled chicken sandwiches.

Cleaned-out (not!)

Not all Nando's there are Halal, mind you. You can go to their website to check. This one I went to was Halal but it wasn't marked on their website. Go figure.

Nando's @ Broadbeach
Shop 17-18, Niecon Plaza,
22 Albert Ave,
QLD 4218
Tel: 07 5570 4140

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